April 23, 2024

If you are wondering why you can’t build bigger muscles despite working out religiously and taking high-calorie protein supplements, it could be that you are a “hard gainer”.

Men who have an ectomorph body type are naturally thin with a delicate body build, flat chest and narrow shoulders. It is for men like you that Jeff Masterson wrote the “Weight Gain Blueprint”, and in this review you’ll find out if his muscle-building plan for skinny guys really works.

Weight Gain Blueprint Book Features

The “Weight Gain Blueprint” by Jeff Masterson is an ebook that you can immediately download to your PC or Mac after purchase. The ebook consists of 114 pages filled with tips and the information you need to help you build a muscular physique in a matter of weeks.

The author uses plain and simple language to get his message across.

Significance of “Weight Gain Blueprint”

There are numerous books out there on muscle-building but the majority of these books are geared towards men who have no problem gaining and developing muscle mass.

Unfortunately, they do not address the special needs of ectomorphs or hard gainers men who are naturally skinny or “bird-chested” and find it close to impossible to pack on muscle. It is for skinny men like you that Jeff Masterson wrote the “Weight Gain Blueprint“.

Importance of Body Type

There are different body types and each one responds to training in a different way. Men who happen to have an ectomorph body type need a special gain program designed for their needs, with the right type of training exercises, proper amount of rest, and a diet that provides the calories and nutrients required for gain and muscle-building.

The “Weight Gain Blueprint” addresses all these needs and provides a workout and diet plan designed for skinny guys and hard gainers.

Is “Weight Gain Blueprint” Only for Hard Gainers?

The fantastic thing about Jeff Masterson’s “Weight Gain Blueprint” is that even though it’s designed for hard gainers and skinny men, the gain program works for everyone else as well.

Mesomorphs (athletic body type) and endomorphs (fat retainers) can also benefit from the gain plan laid out in the guide. However, it is not meant for over or obese people who want to lose weight.

What Can You Expect from the “Weight Gain Blueprint”

Because the ectomorph body type does not respond effectively to the workout routines normally recommended at the gym or in muscle magazines, skinny guys will not see any gains when following the regular exercise routines.

If you’ve had it with training programs that don’t work for your body type, it’s time to give the “Weight Gain Blueprint” system a try. Most gain workout plans are written for guys with average builds, not hard gainers and naturally skinny guys. The average person does not have the high metabolic rate of ectomorphs, who have a hard time putting on weight.

Jeff Masterson is an ectomorph, and he designed the gain plan in his book for other ectomorphs. Just as you’re struggling to add even a single pound of muscle, Jeff Masterson also struggled to do the same.

For Masterson, the breakthrough came when he discovered how to put on more muscle quickly. His discovery allowed him to pack on 38 pounds of muscle in only 19 weeks. He shares his discovery with other ectomorphs in “Weight Gain Blueprint.”

Weight Training for Ectomorphs

The ectomorph body type responds in a different ? and opposite ? way to the average workout. Normal workouts can actually lead to muscle loss in ectomorphs. The secret lies in knowing the proper exercises and number of reps and sets that the ectomorph body type will respond to in a positive way.

Too much physical stress can set back your gains, which is why the “Weight Gain Blueprint” recommends less time at the gym and more time resting to help build muscles faster. As everyone knows, diet plays an important role in muscle building. In the blueprint, you’ll find out what foods and supplements are best for optimum gain.

Pros of Weight Gain Blueprint

  • Specifically designed for the ectomorph body type
  • Easy to read and direct to the point
  • Easy to download
  • Affordable price
  • Comes with 100% money-back guarantee

Cons of Weight Gain Blueprint

  • Available only from the official website
  • Requires 100% commitment
  • May not work for everyone

What Customers Say

The “Weight Gain Blueprint” by Jeff Masterson offers a total package guaranteed to help hard gainers pack on muscles quickly. It provides all the information you need to achieve the best results. Numerous reviews and testimonials show that people who followed the gain program found it very effective.

With its money-back guarantee, you have nothing to lose and only muscles to gain if you purchase this blueprint for gain. Just be sure to follow the plan faithfully if want to want to gain enough muscles in only a few weeks.

2 thoughts on “Weight Gain Blueprint Review

  1. Hey, thanks for the honest review, I appreciate you taking the time to take a look at my program.

    The only thing I’d argue is that under the “Cons” section you say, “may not work for everyone.”

    I’d like to specify that this will work for everyone who actually APPLIES what I teach. It’s not a matter of whether or not the program works. It’s proven to work, and once you go through the program you’ll understand why, if you follow the simple steps I outline, you cannot fail.

    The truth is… it’s up to the person using the program whether or not they get results. I equip them with the knowledge they need, and all they need to do is put it into action and put these techniques to work for them and they absolutely will get results, 100%.

    Jeff Masterson

    1. I agree Jeff. The trouble that I find though with most life changing programs like the Weight Gain Blueprint is that people will start and then not be able to complete the changes. People want change but often the change they are looking for is the end result and they do not want to do the work in the middle to get there. You don’t know if you don’t try though!

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