December 10, 2023

What is Mediterranean Diet? One of the most popular, yet often misunderstood diet plans on the market today is the Mediterranean Diet. While everyone reading this can safely assume that the Mediterranean Diet is, in fact, derived from the style of eating implemented by the people of that particular region, there are many specifics that are simply not known.

I have heard this diet being compared to the South Beach Diet on numerous occasions, and this is certainly a fair comparison. It is an eating plan which is primarily made up of lean meats and fresh vegetables, but again, the specifics of the Mediterranean Diet are really what set it apart from the rest.

What is Mediterranean Diet

For example, red meats, eggs, and dairy are very seldom used on this eating plan. Individuals residing in the countries and territories surrounding the Mediterranean most often consume fish as their source of animal protein. Another key distinction is the fact that this animal protein is one of the last priorities on the diet.

In fact, fresh vegetables and fruits rule the land! Olive oil and whole grains take second place, followed by wild fish and small amounts of red wine.

The key is healthy fats, primarily Omega-3 fatty acid, which is absolutely wonderful for raising the good cholesterol while lowering the bad. And because this high level of unsaturated fat is super clean burning, it actually trains your body to use fat as fuel… including your much hated body fat!

What is Mediterranean Diet
What is Mediterranean Diet

One reason so many people have turned to the Mediterranean Diet as their loss plan of choice is the incredible health-enhancing benefits they believe it to include. Common sense will tell you that these people are not off-base in this belief. In fact, when is the last time you heard that a diet high in fruits and vegetables, keen on whole grains and Omega fatty acids, and rich in antioxidants was bad for you? Most likely, never.

The antioxidant properties of this diet have been shown to be beneficial in combatting heart disease (hello, the number one killer in the Western World!) and certain forms of cancer (not too far behind)… this is a diet that anyone who values their health, and not just quick loss, can get behind.

Not only is this eating plan safe, effective, healthy, and logical… but it’s not weird! What do I mean? The ingredients are very basic and are available in any grocery store. This provides a kind of convenience that many diet plans can’t seem to provide.

Since I first heard of the Mediterranean Diet (maybe 10 years ago), I have yet to hear one bad word uttered against it. It’s practically the poster child for what common sense would tell you is a healthy, responsible diet. Crisp, fresh produce, unaltered grains, fresh wild fish, and lots of healthy cold-pressed olive oil. Hey, is anyone else getting hungry? Now you really know betterĀ What is Mediterranean Diet.

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