December 2, 2023

Workouts would have bored everybody if they had tried to do it alone. Have you ever noticed the difference between walking alone and walking with your buddy? In the first instance, you get fatigued too quickly while in the latter case, you don’t even feel like you are walking (in both cases however, you walked the same distance). Well, the same is true for workouts as well. Having a fitness buddy by your side could make a huge difference to your fitness level.

If you don’t believe me, imagine this scenario:

You are sitting on your couch watching a cool comedy. You should have been working out at the gum at this time instead of watching that movie; however, the sun outside is so hot that you excuse yourself from your fitness regimen on that day.

Now, imagine another scenario:

You have got an exercise buddy who goes with you every day to the gym in order to workout together. One day, the sun outside is hot and you are watching a cool movie as before. Once again, you decide to take a break from your workout routine on that day. However, a little later, your cell phone starts ringing. It is your buddy’s call asking you whether you would be coming to the gym or not, because he has already left for it. Afraid of losing face to your friend, you switch off the TV and head for the gym in a trice, beating the hot sun.

Did you notice the difference between the two scenarios?

So many people complain about workouts getting more and more boring with every passing day, but hardly ever they realize that the solution to their problem is very simple and easy.

But how would you find an ideal exercise or fitness buddy? Quite easy. If you know someone in your neighborhood who is in your shoes (that is, someone who is over and desperate to lose just like you), both of you could go together regularly to the gym.
You won’t even think twice about being dishonest to yourself but rarely, if ever, could you afford to be dishonest to your buddy, especially if he or she happens to be a stern taskmaster.

Another way to find an exercise buddy is by joining online forums or message boards. Tons of like-minded users throng in here and you are very likely to get a hold of someone who shares your interests.

If you are a member of a fitness or health club, or if you have joined any fitness class, you could find a fitness buddy there as well.

All in all, if you are bored of your workout routines, and feel like taking a long break from them, get an exercise buddy to join you. Your life would never be the same again.

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