April 25, 2024

As a father of two young kids this show is one that can strike fear into any parent. I will sometimes eat badly but my wife and I are always very serious about making sure that the kids eat and exercise well always.

TLC :: Honey We’re Killing the Kids

Honey We’re Killing the Kids! offers a startling look at the causes of America’s childhood obesity epidemic and issues a critical wake-up call for parents. In the series, nutrition expert Dr. Lisa Hark shows how everyday choices can have long-term impacts on children, and offers both the motivation and the know-how to help turn these families’ lives around. Using state-of-the-art computer imaging and certified assessments based on measurements and statistics, Dr. Hark first gives Mom and Dad a frightening look at the possible future faces of their children – and a dramatic reality check. Then, introducing her new guidelines and techniques, Dr. Hark works with parents to reverse course and give their kids a healthy diet and active lifestyle.

The family then has three weeks to overhaul its bad habits under the direction of Dr. Hark, who delivers a set of life-altering rules with the aim of completely transforming the children’s future health and lifestyle. Dr. Hark’s rules are straightforward and simple – rules like "Sack the sugar," "Family eats together," "Set a bedtime routine," "Limit television hours" and "Exercise together" are introduced each week.

How are the families responding to the challenges set by Dr. Hark? Are the children trying new healthy foods? Can Mom quit smoking? Will Dad agree to become more involved in family life? Will the children try rock-climbing? While not always initially easy for the families, the rules often become fun, as new experiences are brought into their routines.

At the end of the three weeks, Dr. Hark meets with the parents to discuss the modifications made to the family’s diet and lifestyle. Taking all of the changes into consideration, she then provides a new simulation of what each child could look like in the future, if they continue their healthy nutrition and exercise habits on a long-term basis.  But not all families have an easy time adopting to Dr. Hark’s rules.  Tune in each week to see which families can correct their nutritional attitudes and habits.


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  1. Dis show rocks! It is de bomb. ok i will stop talking like an indian. im a 12 year old girl. i didn’t need to say that. any…i love this show. its a bit scary though.:0

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