September 28, 2023

It doesn’t matter how much you know about treadmills or how much time you have spent on researching the top available models, as you are still not immune from falling a victim to raw deals. You see, I have noticed even very knowledgeable experts fall prey to stylish treadmill models priced in a very low range. Before you waste your hard earned money on a bogus treadmill, read the two treadmill buying tips I am going to share with you in this article, and most importantly, HEED.

1. Look beyond the brand: An easy way to fall prey to bad deals is by getting floored by the brand name. It is no secret that some of the most popular treadmill brands offer equipments that hardly last more than a year.

However, if you are like me, you would want to invest in something you can use for a lifetime, with little or no additional headache. As such, when buying a treadmill, you need to look at the length of the warranty period offered and most importantly, whether the warranty covers the whole equipment or just the motor power.

If you are given a chance between buying a cheap treadmill with a very high HP, a decently priced treadmill with a slightly lower HP, and an expensive model with a higher HP than the second model but lower than the first, which one would you go for? I would definitely go for the third choice, provided that I have the necessary cash to invest; while it is true that its HP is slightly lower than that of the cheapest model, it has been made with the highest quality of apparatus, and that fact reflects in its price. Worse, the warranty offered by the cheapest model covers just the motor, that too for only 3 months.

If I am short on money, then I would definitely go for the second choice, for it offers a very lengthy warranty period of 15 years covering the whole treadmill, including motor. That the company has dared to offer such a long warranty is in itself a certificate of the quality of the equipment; the manufacturer knows only too well that the quality of the treadmill is such that it would last for more than 15 years.

2. Look beyond the price: If you are too parsimonious about the money you invest in fitness equipments, you are sure to get mediocre deals. Yes, price should certainly influence your buying decision but not to such an extent that you become blind to the whole picture.

Often, price is an indicator of the length of warranty period offered with the exercise machine. I have found that models that are priced in between $400-700 don’t generally come with an extended warranty period; on an average, you are not likely to get a warranty period of more than 2-6 months.

Moreover, the warranty would often cover just one spare part of the treadmill, in which case you would need to pay for the parts not covered by the warranty in case they are damaged. On the other hand, if the warranty covers only spare parts replacement, you would need to pay for labor charges. As you can see, you get what you pay for.

Bottom line, if you are serious about getting fit, don’t be too stingy on cash or get carried away by brand popularity. Instead, consider the length of the warranty period offered, the parts covered and not covered by the warranty, the features and power you are getting with the treadmill, etc., before making a purchase. A decent treadmill can be an asset of a lifetime, while with a cheap one you would only lose your cash instead of fat.

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