October 1, 2023

Many people, both in medical research and in the diabetic population, are searching for a new type 1 diabetes cure.

Type 1 is insulin dependent diabetes. It occurs when the beta cells in the area of the pancreas called the Islets of Langerhans stop being able to produce insulin. The causes of this are not entirely known, but it is believed to be a combination of infection, possibly a virus, and a genetic predisposition that is inherited. It often starts in childhood or adolescence which is why it is sometimes called juvenile diabetes, but it can develop in adults too.

Insulin regulates blood sugar levels, allowing a more or less regular supply of sugar to be released into the blood. This prevents us becoming either hypoglycemic (not enough sugar in the bloodstream to feed the brain) or hyperglycemic (too much sugar in the blood), both of which can be very serious and in some cases cause death. So if a person’s body lacks the ability to produce its own insulin, the person must take insulin, usually by injection. It cannot be consumed in the form of tablets because it would be digested and not reach the bloodstream that way.

Option 1: Transplant

The only complete type 1 diabetes cure is to receive a new pancreas or section of the pancreas by transplant. There is no other way to renew the cells that should be producing insulin, if they no longer work. However, many experts believe that the possible complications of a transplant outweigh the inconveniences of living with the disease so transplants are not often recommended. The disease is managed by a combination of insulin and careful diet to maintain normal levels of glucose in the blood.

Option 2: Diet

Type 2 diabetes can quite often be managed entirely with diet but this is because people with type 2 are still producing some insulin of their own. If they spread their food intake through the day and avoid high sugar and high fat foods, in many cases they can reach a point where their pancreas is able to cope. If not, they can take drugs to help manage it. However, this is not usually the case with type 1 where no insulin is being produced at all.

There have been anecdotal reports of people with type 1 diabetes who claim to have been able to normalize their blood sugar by following a special diet, to the point where they no longer need insulin at all. One example is Sergei Boutenko, the son of well known raw food writer Victoria Boutenko, whose family went on a raw food diet in an attempt to cope with the various different health problems of several family members after Sergei developed type 1 diabetes at the age of nine. The Boutenkos claim that Sergei never experienced any more diabetic symptoms after beginning to follow a 100% raw diet.

However, this cannot really be described as a cure for type 1 diabetes because the body has not begun producing insulin again. It is in fact a remission, and it would be possible that diabetic symptoms would recur in the future, especially if the person’s diet changed. Nevertheless, if you are looking for a type 1 diabetes cure you could consider looking into the raw food diet, subject of course to medical advice.

19 thoughts on “Type 1 Diabetes Cure: Two Options

  1. hey dear
    You are right that their is no cure for type 1. But I want to share some information that diabetes is the hub of diseases. yet their is no information about its occurance butit causes a lot of side effects if a patient will follow a regular diet chart and daily work plan at that position he can protect himself from side effects. Dailly morning walk and some light excercises like pranayam, yoga etc. will be helpful in protection from harmful sideeffects. in natural therapy daily dose of indica azadirachta, Syzigium cumunii, Bitter melon, papaya and Emblica officinalis will surely improve body immune sytem, pancrease and health

  2. hi friends im raj and im having type1 diabetes since 1year,and im taking daily 2 insulin shots.please tell me that,if im marrying,does it spreads to my children also,and tell me any natural therapies to cure this disease.

  3. As I wrote before, modern medicine has learned how to manipulate nature but not necessarily always work with it which includes studying the effects of the relationship between diet and diabetes. For example: Modern medicine has not yet studied how only a good diet with raw foods and health foods and vitamin C, vitamins, probiotics and other natural ways to strengthen the immune system might help type one diabetes when the pancreas still produces some insulin. The idea is too let time and the bodies natural system of self regulation and balances work without intervention of drugs and insulin injections etc. The beta cells or pancreatic lymph nodes might flare up in response to the production of too much insulin which is a response of a long term high sugar diet or some other toxin like alcohol which the liver turns to sugar in the blood.
    Another idea besides researching the cause of the immune system attack of the beta cells idea is to find out what causes the virus or flair up of the beta cells. We don’t have to find the virus inside the pancreas to know we have stopped the flair up of the beta cells. The immune system attack of the beta cells might be more than a response to the flair up of the beta cells. It might be both the addition of a toxin and the beta cells, but I doubt it is only a virus or a toxin. Something has to make the body weaker like life style or stress and bad diet etc or a toxin has to be digested or taken into the body on a regular basis. A healthy body should heal itself in time which is how the body and nature works. Disease is only the after effect of an unhealthy or damaged cells and organs in the body which often is the fault of stress bad diet which causes the body to become weaker so it is more susceptible to disease like viruses or even the yeast infections in the skin diseases Eczema, Psoriasis, and Candida.
    As a result, my hypothesis is the immune system attack of the beta cells in the body will stop with the cure of the beta cell flair ups which should subside with a good diet, immune system strengthening with vitamins, probiotics etc and the of the toxins. The virus will die with a healthy immune response without the need for antibiotics which don’t kill viruses. Antibiotics weaken the immune system in the long term because they kill the natural flora or bacteria in the stomach used for digestion. Doctors prescribe antibiotics for almost everything.
    In 1922, insulin was discovered so the types of death from diabetes before insulin use changed from diabetic coma shortly after the diagnosis to renal, and heart disease. There is an increased risk of renal, heart disease and stroke with insulin use.
    Sometimes in type two diabetes the beta cells in the pancreas produces less insulin in response to long term high blood sugar. Insulin injections are recommended in that case.
    Modern medicine, hospitals, doctors and even the general public did not know much if anything about diet, vitamins and health foods in 1922 and the same treatment for diabetes is still around today or for eighty nine years. There are not any vitamins, vitamin C, and probiotics in any private or public hospitals in America because they are considered by doctors and modern medicine to be not viable in any treatment program in hospitals. Doctors with an overly conventional view of medicine don’t prescribe vitamins, probiotics etc. for the treatment of any type of disease because they are not considered medicine. Doctors might know if a patient lacks certain vitamins, and tell the patient in a diagnosis, but the word disease cannot be connected with any kind of treatment of vitamins. I think conventional modern medicine should be more flexible and learn to understand health foods and natural treatments and at least research them and show scientific proof that they don’t work and they have not done that because they don’t even consider natural treatments. If they think they have the best treatments, they have to prove to the general public that they have looked at natural treatments before they discredit them. I don’t see that happening soon thought. Change is very slow in modern medicine when it comes to the acceptance of natural treatments being considered as good or better than modern medicine.
    I have to think that as long as modern medicine is not flexible, it is not much more than socially acceptable drug pushing and dealing. An overdose of vitamins has rarely killed anyone but that is not the same with modern medicine which has far more harmful side effects in pharmaceuticals which does not necessarily work with nature and the body’s own natural healing. I don’t think all pharmaceuticals are bad and I have no doubt that some are helpful and necessary.

  4. What doctors and researches in modern medicine have not studied is the relationship of bad diet and a healthy diet to the immune system of the body. I propose that immune system attack of autoantibodies of the beta cells of the pancreas is the result of high blood sugar levels but not from the pancreas but from diets too high and sugar and carbohydrates. The high blood sugar is from a long term diet which is too high in sugar and carbohydrates. Too much sugar weakens the immune system and causes compensatory reaction of the immune system and over production of autoantibodies which attack and kill the beta cells in the pancreas. Doctors don’t know what causes the immune system attack of the beta cells but they think it might be a toxin or a virus or an environmental stressor. Too much Sugar is the toxin which is known to lead to immune system diseases like Eczema, Candida, and Psoriasis which indicate a weakened immune system and a fungal skin rash and yeast infections.
    I propose that a diet low in sugar, and carbohydrates and a program to naturally strengthen the immune system with vitamin C, other vitamins, probiotics, etc. Modern medicine has lost touch with natural folk medicine good diet. Raw foods help because most of the enzymes are destroyed in cooked food. One should always eat some raw food like vegetables.
    Modern medicine with a completely chemical view has lost touch with the bodies natural ability to regenerate itself without some kind of external intervention or treatment with injections, pills or transplants. They think everything has to be a treatment with a chemical, drug, pill or injection or transplant if the body lacks a hormone, chemical etc. It is science versus nature instead of science supporting nature. As a result, the only way doctors with only a knowledge of conventional medicine without a knowledge of health foods know how to treat type one diabetes is insulin injections so they say that is the only way it can be treated. I don’t believe it. I think the beta cells in the pancreas will regenerate themselves with a diet of raw foods, vitamins, probiotics etc.
    My hypothesis is if someone who is diagnosed with type one diabetes and has a pancreas which still produces some insulin or low insulin they shouldn’t take insulin injections because they don’t need to. Doctors and a view limited to conventional or modern medicine says that they have to. If they take insulin injections over a long period of time the pancreas will stop producing any insulin because it does not need to produce it any more as long as insulin levels are high enough and insulin is being injected into the body externally. As a result, the diabetic becomes completely dependent on insulin from an external source. I don’t think the insulin injections will stop the immune system attack on the beta cells in the pancreas? I think that a change of diet to a healthy diet low in sugar and carbohydrates, with vitamins, probiotics etc will stop the immune system attack on the beta cells which will regenerate in time which is a hypothesis that has never been tested by doctors and researchers and that it the problem.
    Doctors need to figure out what causes the immune system to attack the beta cells in the pancreas and I don’t see any research that attempts to figure it out. They have thought of vaccines which induce regulatory cells to suppress the pancreatic lymph nodes from flare up from an infection of a virus. There are beta cell and pancreas transplants which require immune system suppression drugs. Another idea is to make an unlimited amount of beta cells with stem cells, and endocrine cells and programming them to be insulin producing beta cells but there is no attempt to study the immune system and it’s relationship to diet and life style.
    It must be a real cure which does not make one dependent only on immune system repression pills and insulin injections and pills which only take care of the symptoms but not the cause. A cause is what will tell us why there is an infection in beta cells which cause the immune system attack of them. When one is cured, one does not need pills etc.. Most doctors who are limited to a conventional view of medicine have never tried the natural approach because they can’t imagine a scientific treatment which works with immune system of the body in a natural way without the external intervention of pills etc. because modern medicine and science have lost touch with natural cause and effect relationship of the body and diet and how what one eats effects the immune system or they never leaned such a relationship because treatments which take care of only the symptoms but not the cause have always been financially profitable and scientifically easy to produce in the laboratory and a quick fix for the short term.
    We are what we eat; Take a look on TV and Junk food sugar cereals are advertised with our kids loving them. Modern society and civilization has lost touch with nature and folk cures. Our whole life style is artificial. Everything has to be chemically and clinically tested and studied in the laboratory before doctors pay attention to it and most of all as a society we have become completely dependent on the knowledge of doctors and conventional medicine so that nobody thinks for themselves anymore. They think modern medicine and the laboratory has all the answers because it is a superior scientific view. If a treatment harms the body, it isn’t superior. Modern science has lost touch with mother nature. They don’t use their intuition which tells one a cause and effect relationship exists with the body so one can tell oneself or know whether or not if long term bad diet will harm one’s health and body. It is a bad day when man becomes so civilized that he looses that instinctive intuition which tells one that cause and effect relationship and if something harms ones own body.

  5. I’ve been Type 1 diabetic for 8 years now and am on a pump. In January and February I went on a vegan diet. Obviously I’m not cured from diabetes and still need insulin. But with eating the same amount of carbs, I need about half the amount of insulin and my blood sugar is almost always under 100 when I test. And that is with eating plenty of sweets,fruits and breads. My last A1C was 5.4
    So for me a vegan diet definitively helps in diabetes control and makes it much easier to stay in my target range. Don’t know about a raw diet, I’m not ready for that yet.

  6. There is a cure that has been for mice and is currently in clinical trials. Dr Faustman at http://www.faustmanlabs.com found a cure in mice back in 2002 by using a generic drug. The major hurdle is that this will be a cheap cure if it works on humans. With the diabetes industry being around 170 billion no one other than diabetic want it cured. Check out Faustman labs and spread the work

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  8. The diet part of the article is written pretty poorly. It claims its a remission rather than a cure because he is not producing insulin. However, this is idiotic. If he wasn’t producing insulin, and claims to not be taking any. He’d be dead. You can’t survive without insulin.

    Type 1’s don’t produce insulin. Sergei claims to not need insulin injections any longer because his pancreas has recovered. So either he’s producing insulin again or he’s the first human being on the planet to not need insulin. Which is not what he’s claimed. He claims he produces insluin now on his own and does not require injections. However, Sergei’s c-peptide level was never checked by a doctor. (a test that tells a doctor if you are producing insulin on your own) Which means he can’t provide any medical evidence that he was truly a type 1 who was cured. All he can claim is he was told he was a type 1 by a doctor who probably misdiagnosed him in the first place.

    1. The reason its not a cure……because as soon as you come off the diet the problem still exists. A cure means there is no longer a trace of the problem. Ie…totally resolved. Diet does not resolve it. It MANAGES it. Different. But still a good thing 🙂

  9. You can’t cure type 1 diabetes with a tranpslant. The immune system attacks the new pancreas and creates the condition all over again. There is research underway to try and develop treatments that will prevent the system from attacking the new organ. But, these are just experiments. ANd not viable treatment options that are available.

    1. Hi there Malki, there are treatments for type 1 diabetes that are currently in the commercial stage in Russia, just having passed their clinical stage II trials. This treatment is based on a novel approach which uses the islets cells of pigs (bred on the pathogen/virus free Auckland Islands of New Zealand for generations) coated in an alginate-like substance (IMMUPEL). When these cells are administered to a patient the insulin is allowed to leave the cell, however the antibodies of the patient are inpenetrable to the IMMUPEL layer therefore limiting rejection of these cells. Overall the patient has to take a fraction of the immunosuppressant drugs, and has the added value of avoiding unawareness hypoglycemia which is a real threat to those patients with severe cases of type 1 diabetes.
      The treatments you suggested are “just experiments” are commercial ventures currently occuring around the world. The company is LCT (Living Cell Technologies) the product is DIABECELL and the website is http://www.lctglobal.com. Hope that clarifies some issues.

  10. If you read this article carefully, it never says you can cure diabetes type 1 with diet. It says there are “anecdotal claims” of a removal of symptoms using a raw diet, which indicates a remission of the pathology, which if you go back to a “standard” diet would bring back the condition.

    Now if it’s possible to treat a condition without drugs, why wouldn’t you try it? (all under the supervision of a health professional) Considering that 85% of all Diabetes sufferers are Type 2 AND ALL of those are curable with a raw food diet, it makes sense to consider this a part of a lifestyle change.

  11. I am very much interested in diabetes and love to collect information on it. Actually I am not a diabetes patient but my dad is a diabetes patient, now he is in the stage of injecting insulin. For the diet he avoid high sugar and high fat foods but when he goes a weekly check up his blood sugar was not in constant even though he maintain proper diet. The blood sugar will rise up and sometime normal and even low too. Can you give some ideas how to make the blood sugar be in normal form? Even he took pill after lunch and dinner. Hope you can share some of your great ideas in diabetes treatment.

  12. Ellen I know what you are saying and I do not want to offer any false promises for sure, However although it may be pushing it for the diet changes for most people but there is definitely a lot of hope for using islet cell-transplant procedure to eventually work as a cure.

    1. Unfortunately islet cell transplants will never be a cure. The reason for type 1 diabetes is due to the body attacking it’s own insulin producing cells. These bad T cells will eventually attack the islet cells or any other insulin producing cell introduced into the body. The key is to stop the destruction of the bad T cells. As a 30 plus year type 1 diabetic I have experienced a 3 day time period where I did not have to take insulin (17 years after being diagnosed cpeptide test and all) and ate as a normal human being. This happened after having my third baby. There are also times when I can eat and eat and eat and take very little insulin. I have always told my doctors that I do not think my pancreas is dead and that it at times produces some (very little mind you) but some insulin. That is why I was so interested in Faustman labs. All their research verified what I was living in my life as a diabetic. All that to say unless you get rid of or kill the reason for type 1 diabetes, just finding something to produce more insulin is useless or only a temporary cure. Faustman has discovered that by killing the bad T cells that your body actually can start producing insulin on its own again. I would guess that the reason for type 1 diabetes has something to do with what we put into our bodies. Raw foods I would suspect will do nothing but help and what a wonderful thought if you could cure it with that also. Keep your eyes on Faustman Labs! And eat healthy raw foods!! As much as you are willing to do. It won’t hurt!

  13. the standard for diabetes is Metformin but i also try to use alternative medicine in controlling diabetes. Alpha Lipoic Acid and Charantia seems to work well too against diabetes.

  14. I didn’t know you can cure type 1 diabetes with the transplant that’s very interesting but sounds risky. I really hope they find a better cure for it.

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