April 21, 2024

The upper abs are often the strongest area of the abs on people who do not work out or who do basic workouts. Still most people look to get their upper abs into better shape.

These three exercises, the butterfly, the curl, and the bench sit ups, all work the upper portion of the abs for a great workout.

Best Upper Ab Exercise – The Butterfly

The butterfly may look a little silly, but it works for a good start to an upper ab workout.

Sit on the floor as you would for a basic crunch: knees bent, feet shoulder-width apart, back on the ground. Let your knees drop out to the side and your heels come together. Your legs will form what looks like the wings of a butterfly, giving this exercise its name.

Keeping your legs bent, come up into a crunch, hold, and return to the starting position. This exercise keeps you from relying on your leg muscles the way you can do in a traditional crunch and works out the upper abs.

How To Do Ab Curls

The curl is very similar to a crunch as well, but it requires more upper ab strength.

Doing this upper ab exercise may be tough when you are just beginning, but keep working at it because it works really well. Lie down with your knees bent as you would with a crunch. Put your arms down at your side.

Slowly lift your head, neck, and chest and roll in as you would for a crunch. While you are rolling in, let your hands slide along the floor; do not lift them or use them for support. Then return to a sitting position. Most people definitely feel a burn from this upper ab workout.

Bench Sit Ups

The final exercise for an upper ab workout is a bench sit-up.

This exercise is to be done on a bench but can be modified at home if you do not have a bench available. Choose free weights that will hold down your legs. For most people, a ten-pound is good. Lie with your feet at the top of the bench’s incline. Put the on your feet and then lie back.

Do a sit-up or crunch; the should hold your foot down. Learning to balance yourself is part of this exercise, and it will force you to rely on your ab muscles for strength. By beginning with this upper ab workout routine, you should begin to get your upper abs into shape quickly.

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