March 5, 2024

Small victories are all that are needed to get to big success. I know that this may make sense from the outside but if we dig in it makes ever more sense.

I heard a story yesterday about the swimmer Michael Phelps. Phelps when he was training for year would have a very meticulous schedule.

  • He would wake up and have a certain meal for breakfast.
  • He would warm up doing the exact same warmup for the exact same time.
  • Then it was time to get ready to swim and he would listen to an unchanging playlist on his ipod to get him ready.
  • He would step up on the starting block, then step down, and then step up again, and get ready to race.
  • The race itself is just the end of the whole process.

michael-phelpsAll of these little bits of very scheduled routine are actually building small victories, the schedule that has these little things involved will help your mind see them as victories which will give you the courage and belief that you can make bigger wins.

We all like to have a routine.

A routine means that you don’t have to think about what is next because it is but if you think about the way you start the say.

Get up, get showered, breakfast, brush teeth, leave the house, go to work. This routine is all a way to look at the easy and routine way to start your day. Why not make little changes that will start little victories yourself first thing in the morning.

Here are a couple of Small Victories to Try Now

willpowerAs soon as you wake up, instead of dread or thoughts of tiredness, just think of five things that you are thankful for from yesterday or that you will have today. Start on the positive.

Or while standing at the kitchen counter and pulling out a piece of paper while you are getting breakfast ready. spend 60 seconds making a list of the most important things to get done today.

And one habit I have really made over the last few months in my morning routine is to listen to podcasts instead of the news on the radio. We get hit by news all the time but I learn in the car on the way to work instead and it gets my mind flowing.

Small Changes Can Have a Giant Effect

When you make these little changes in the morning, these small victories then when bigger things happen, like having to really push your workout, turn down cake or going out for lunch in the office, then these positive small victories are going to have made a big difference to your willpower and success

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