December 1, 2022

Weight loss surgery is one of the biggest life decisions anyone could make. Opting to have weight loss surgery is a crucial decision that cannot be taken lightly.

Before arriving at a decision, people want to know all they can about the surgical procedure, what to expect, risks and benefits, and how it can possibly change their lives.

The personal experiences of other patients who have undergone the  weight loss surgery are just as important as scientific publications, if not more so. This is the reason why people want to read weight loss surgery success stories.

Importance Of  Weight Loss Surgery Success Stories

Reading success stories after loss surgery can provide inspiration to people who suffer from obesity. It tells them that there is hope yet, and they too can achieve a normal and healthy weight.

Personal success stories told by real people can help allay any fears and doubts an individual may have about a surgical procedure.

Weight loss surgery success stories are often accompanied by “before” and “after” photos that provide concrete evidence of what they can hope to accomplish with bariatric loss surgery.

While sharing your success story can inspire others, it can also benefit you. Your loss success can give you the confidence you need to face other challenges.

Weight Loss Surgery Success Stories of Real People

Lynda’s Story

Weight Loss Surgery
Weight Loss Surgery

Lynda had been morbidly obese for most of her life. Standing only 5 feet tall, she weighed 305 pounds and had a BMI of 57.

She felt constantly tired and depressed, and found it difficult to move about. Finally, she decided to undergo gastric bypass surgery in order to lose weight and improve her health.

After her weight loss surgery, she was able to lose 72 lbs in just three months. One year after her weight loss surgery, she had lost a total of 154 pounds and her BMI had dropped to 31.

Lynda now has more energy and her blood pressure is normal. She exercises regularly and does aerobics and training to maintain a healthy weight.

Robert’s Story

Grossly over and burdened with diabetes and high cholesterol, Robert finally realized that his only hope to achieve a healthy weight was to undergo bariatric surgery.

He opted for duodenal switch surgery. Two years after the bariatric surgery, Robert had lost a total of 210 lbs. He is now physically active and is healthier than before.

Colleen’s Story

At age 50 and weighing 323 pounds, Colleen knew that she had to do something drastic to start losing weight permanently, otherwise she would die early.

For many years she had been dieting and struggling with her weight problems. Because diet and exercise did not work for her, Colleen finally opted for loss surgery.

The LAP-Band procedure helped her lose a total of 140 pounds. She now has more energy and exercises regularly by walking 6 miles a day to keep the weight off.

Weight Loss Surgery Realistic Expectations

Reading weight loss surgery success stories may give people unrealistic expectations about bariatric surgery. It’s important for people to keep in mind that they may not be able to lose as much weight in the same amount of time as someone else.

Neither can weight loss after bariatric surgery guarantee that you will stop feeling depressed, unattractive or inferior, if you have been feeling that way before weight loss.

Counseling can be beneficial for some people who have negative feelings about themselves.

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