May 24, 2024

We all work hard trying to achieve our ideal . There are diets and exercise routines that seem over the top. Most people feel over whelmed by the work that we put in without seeing the results we hope for. It’s a difficult struggle.

If you are one of the many considering loss surgery, then Fat No More- Long Term Success Following Weight Loss Surgery may be a book for you. Many people assume that having loss surgery is a quick and easy fix to their waist line struggles. The truth is the surgery is just the beginning. There is a great deal of diet changing and life changing that must occur post-op.

In most surgery cases, patients lose easily at first but soon after have trouble with the returning after they are eating solids again. This book was designed to walk a patient step by step through changing the behavior that is making it hard to keep the pounds off. Success could be just a few pages away.

Fat No More- Long Term Success Following Weight Loss Surgery Features

  • Explains important medical information that you must consider prior to having loss surgery
  • Helps reader decide if surgery would help them
  • Explains the hardships patients will be facing post-op
  • Provides information on losing and keeping it off after bariatric surgery
  • Covers Emotional, Medical, Lifestyle Changes

When deciding if Bariatric surgery is right for you, there is a tremendous amount of information to weed through. Deciding what information is important can be very time consuming. Fat No More- Long Term Success Following Weight Loss Surgery has this information organized and displayed using the author’s own story. This book provides a variety of emotional, medical, and life style challenges that you would be facing if you were to choose to have loss surgery.

There are many other books available on this topic, but the author wrote this guide using their own experiences to make the information easier to digest. This book follows the author down her journey to personal triumph. She takes the reader step by step through deciding if they want the surgery and what they need to know about the side effects.

Then she takes them through the surgery process including insurance issues and choosing a surgeon. Finally she discusses the actual surgery and the post-op care. The author tried to be as comprehensive as possible.

Cost of Fat No More- Long Term Success Following Weight Loss Surgery?

The book Fat No More- Long Term Success Following Weight Loss Surgery is typically priced around $19.95 if purchased from This book is priced on the higher end of similar guides. This guide is very comprehensive and could be a great resource for anyone considering loss surgery or who under gone it.

What Do Customers Think of Fat No More- Long Term Success Following Weight Loss Surgery?

The book Fat No More- Long Term Success Following Weight Loss received five out of a possible five stars in the category of customer satisfaction. Customers were very happy with how informative this book is. One customer stated that they read seven books about recovering and losing after loss surgery and they felt this book was the best. One customer stated that they were four years post-op and were having problems keeping the off. They tried everything they could and were having problems staying healthy.

After reading this book, they felt hope and had a new action plan for dropping some pounds. Customers also found the human side to this guide to be uplifting. Many other books were more clinical than they liked. Readers were also happy with the chapters written by loss surgeons. They felt that the combination of clinical information and personal documentation made for a great guide to surviving loss surgery. One customer stated that they were considering bariatric surgery and purchased this book. Once they began reading it they had a hard time putting the book down.

Within days they read the entire book cover to cover. They were enthralled by the author’s tribulations and triumphs. They felt that the journal format of this guide made them feel like the author was talking straight to them. The customer knew that bariatric surgery was for them after reading this journal.

Out of all the customers that reviewed this book, no one rated this book with fewer than five stars. Customers were very satisfied by their purchases. All customers gave this guide rave reviews.

Our Recommendation of Fat No More- Long Term Success Following Weight Loss Surgery

When considering any kind of major surgery it is important to be informed. This book was highly recommended by people who have purchased it. This guide is as entertaining as it is informative. This book is priced relatively high but is not expensive. Overall, if you are considering loss surgery or are post-op and having trouble keep the off, then this book is a safe purchase. You can find it for less on

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