May 18, 2024

Zumba routines do not require you to wear any special equipment but that will never stop people from trying to have a little fun.

The best thing about Zumba routines is that they don’t require much equipment to be effective.

That said, you do need to make sure you’re wearing the right clothing to perform the moves comfortably. Here’s a guide to what you should wear, and some other accessories that might come in handy, for your Zumba classes.

What Equipment for Zumba Routines
What Equipment for Zumba Routines

What Equipment for Zumba Routines

Clothing – Zumba routines are best performed in clothing you feel comfortable wearing. You can wear traditional sports clothing, just as you would for yoga or any other fitness class.

Depending on how confident they feel, some women choose to show off their midriff in a crop top to keep cool. There’s also a range of colorful clothing available in the Zumbawear range, released by the creator of Zumba, but it certainly isn’t necessary to perform the workout.

Shoes – Traditional sneakers aren’t always the best choice for Zumba, as they could slip on the smooth surface of the dance hall when you’re moving around at high speed. Instead, opt for sneakers that have been designed for dance to ensure you don’t slip as you perform the various moves, view this link for more info on them.

Zumba Toning Sticks – Toning Sticks are much like traditional dumbbells, with a few important differences. Aside from the rounded design, the main difference is that the Toning Sticks are filled with sand.

Not only does this create the that you need to get fit and tone up, it also turns these fitness items into musical instruments!Toning Sticks really enhance the traditional Zumba vibe by encouraging you to shake in time with the music and have some fun!

Zumba Chain Tassels – These chains are more for decoration than anything else. The fact that they rattle and make noise as you dance will encourage you to stay in time and literally “feel” the music.

Wipe Away Sleeves/ Sweatbands – You’ll find a few different “Wipe Away Sleeves” in the Zumbawear range. These are designed to be worn over the arms. As you work up a sweat, use these sleeves to wipe it off your face and keep yourself feeling as comfortable as possible. Another alternative is to wear a sweatband on your head and wrists.

Zumba Belt For Games – If you prefer to do your Zumba workouts from the comfort of your own home then you’ll want to get hold of a fitness belt to use with your game.

Unless you’re using Kinect, you’ll need the fitness belt to house your controller and keep track of how you’re moving.

Remember, Zumba routines really don’t require much equipment or special clothing!

You can get them as you advance, but for now you just need to turn up with a bottle of water ready to replenish all that sweat you’ll be losing!

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