May 25, 2024

Are you an Ectomorph, Mesomorph, or Endomorph? That is a question you should ask yourself before deciding on a diet plan because different body types might respond better to different types of diets.

We all know by now that all diets do not work the same for everyone. In order to find a workout plan that fits your needs understanding that our genetic makeup is just naturally different may help you not feel so bad if a certain diet plan doesn’t work for you.

Which Body Type Are You?

Gain Muscle Fast
Gain Muscle Fast

Like I mentioned at the beginning there are three different body types.

The ectomorph has a delicately built body. People with this body type are naturally thin and tend to have less muscle mass. We see them eat whatever they like and gain no . A woman with an ectomorphic body type can have 5 kids and drop all her baby without even working out. The downfall however, for this body type, is that they must eat constantly. There metabolism burns at an extremely fast rate, but be aware, this could change with age.

The mesomorphic person’s body is the ideal body type in my opinion. They gain fat more easily than those with the ectomorphic body. Mesomorphs are usually naturally athletic and lean. With a mature muscle mass you can see their naturally gifted with a muscular body. For women they call this the hour glass shape and for men they call it the hard body. Like an ectomorph their metabolism burns easily and fast. You will find that these are your more energetic people as well.

The Endomorph body type is more round in stature. They tend to gain very easily because their body stores fat easily. The metabolism of this body type is very slow so there is a very important need to watch what you eat if you are an endomorph. Dieting plus exercise is usually the best course of action if this is your body type and you are wanting to lose weight.

Of course, everyone does not fall specifically into these categories. Some people are obviously ectomorphs while some are slightly ectomorph with characteristics of a mesomorph. If you are trying to figure out which body type you are, you might consider that you could be a combination of two types. Either way, eating a sensible diet and exercising is good for you no matter what body type you are!

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  1. I have heard about the different body types and it does make sense as to where someone is more incline to gain body fat. I see women all that time that envy the ectomorph wondering why they can have so many kids and not look like it. I tell them the same thing that you said “Either way, eating a sensible diet and exercising is good for you no matter what body type you are!”


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