October 3, 2023

Which Weight Loss Diet? It’s a bit overwhelming, don’t you think? There are so many loss diet programs being “peddled” over the internet, it’s enough to make you not want to try any of them! Of course, this only leaves you feeling miserable about your body, as well as stuck in indecision. Clearly, inaction isn’t the answer, either. So what is? This article will answer this question very clearly.

While our bodies aren’t so rigid that only one approach can work to get rid of stubborn body fat, there are unquestionably loss diet programs with much higher success rates than the others. If properly followed, the low-calorie lifestyle is among the most effective diet models of all time. But there are a few others that produce consistent, predictable results as well. Here is a list of the top 3…

Which Weight Loss Diet?

1. The Paleo, or “Caveman” Diet. This is basically the process of eating nothing but natural food, including fruits, vegetables, meat, raw nuts, sprouts, etc. You basically eat the way our ancestors ate… you know, back before obesity, heart disease, and cancer were all just a way of life. Also look into “the Diet Solution Program.”

2. The Raw Food Diet. Adhering to this lifestyle is akin to a person joining a Buddhist monastery. It is all or nothing, and you must commit yourself to it 100% – virtually turning it into a major part of your identity. This dietary lifestyle consists of consuming ONLY uncooked produce. Raw nuts, seeds, cold pressed oils, fruits, vegetables, and fresh herbs will pretty much make up your entire diet.

Fresh squeezed juice is commonplace with this diet, as are blended sauces, dressings, and dips. I recently saw one that consisted of tomato, avocado, basil, and jalapeno. It was used as a dip for raw broccoli. If you want to go extreme, and lose A LOT of , this may be a lifestyle plan worth considering.

3. The Mediterranean Diet. This is a lot like the Paleo Diet, but with a more limited menu. This diet is comprised mainly of healthy fats, lean protein, and fresh produce. Chiefly, this loss diet relies heavily upon olive oil, fish, and crisp greens. I would say the intensity of this diet falls somewhere between the first two.

You really can’t go wrong with any of these 3 eating plans. By far the Paleo Diet and Diet Solution Program are the easiest to stick with long-term, while the Mediterranean Diet is considered by many to be the healthiest of these three options. Supporters of the Raw Food movement would argue with this, however, claiming that animal products and cooked foods lack the enzymes and electrical output necessary to live at the very highest level possible.

Whichever loss diet you choose, please take the time to discuss your choice with a health care practitioner you trust, just for extra piece of mind and maybe even some really good advice of which loss diet that can help you get even greater results.

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