February 28, 2024

Often things take a bit of time to take affect. Sometimes you do all the right things but see no results and change tactics, don’t do that ride it out instead.

When people start a new diet they get excited do all the right things and then in the first week they lose 5 pounds or so and are very excited with the results, then the next week comes and the only lose a pound or nothing at all and discouragement sets in.

What Are Yoyo Diets?

You hear a lot about yoyo dieting, which will help you gaining weight and losing weight only to gain it back again and often this will happen because people become discouraged and don’t let the changes that they are making to take affect and change to a different type of diet.drinks to lose weight

Although our bodies are complex and in many ways can change very very quickly, losing does not tend to be one of these things

If you eat all of the right foods and get the exercise that you need and then at the end of the week you have not lost any is it because the diet and exercise are not working?

probably not.

Often when you make big changes your body will start a bit of a backlash. You will retain water, your metabolism will slow down in fear of starvation or your body will just not have caught up with the changes.

You Need To Wait for Weight Loss Changes

Often the diet and exercise changes that you make will not show up for a couple or even three weeks. Many of the big diet companies know this. Jenny Craig only has you weigh in once a week as does Weight Watchers, and Weight Watchers cautions people not to weigh themselves at all during the week.

As you have probably noticed beofre your will fluctuate all over the place during a single day so any changes that you see are very hard to predict from week to week even.

Stay on a course doing the right things and give yourself at least a few months to see if you are tending in the right direction.

Do not just take the scale into account but also look at how you feel, how your health is, how your energy is and how well you are sleeping. What you want out of any diet and exercise program is to improve all areas of your life, not just the bathroom scale

4 thoughts on “Why Didn’t I Lose Any Weight Today?

  1. Losing does require a lot of effort, but in the long run the hard work pays off. Finding how to maintain a healthy balance in your life is part of the process.

  2. Also I think a lot of the problem has to do with the poor connection people make between losing fat and losing . If someone is to lift s increase lean body tissue and decrease body fat at the same time often their body stays the same (maybe goes down a little or possibly even goes up). Even though these people are making progress, the continuance of their diet seems to ride of the results of the bathroom scale. They then see no “drastic” change in their overall body and quit!

  3. In our time, the wait and see approach is such an unpopular message. People want loss now, now, NOW. They can’t understand why the isn’t falling off them like it does on the Biggest Loser. It is of course the attraction of crash diets – the promise of dramatic loss, but you’re right it doesn’t work like that. One of the hardest things can be to persuade someone to stick with what they’re doing and trust the process.

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