April 25, 2024

In short, both dieting and exercise are extremely important when you are trying to get better abs. The body needs fewer calories eaten and more calories burned for you to see the maximum progress from your workout and diet efforts. The problem many people have when it comes to their abs is that any muscle they have built up is hidden under layers of fat. Though it may be only a few pounds of fat, burning that fat from the tummy will help the abs look better quickly.

The body works in a linear fashion. When we intake food, our bodies process the carbohydrates first, then the protein, and finally the fat. The body uses these foods when it can, and what is not needed to function is stored for later use. Due to the fact that few people burn off everything they eat, some calories get stored in the body, and those calories are most likely to be fats. When you work out, your body works in the same way, burning off carbohydrates, then proteins, and finally fats.

Dieting is important when exercising your abs for a number of reasons. By cutting down on the fat you take in, you can cut down on how much you need to exercise your abs to make a difference in how your midsection looks. Let’s say you exercise your abs daily for about 30 minutes. You may begin to see progress in three to four weeks, but if you cut out 10 grams of fat from your diet everyday, you will see a difference in two weeks or less. Your body has less fat to burn when you are working out, giving you a better chance at burning off some of that already-stored fat.

Another reason dieting is important when exercising your abs is that strength training builds muscle faster than cardiovascular exercises. In the arms and legs, that’s okay, but strength training the abs is a bit tougher. The basic abdominal exercises, such as crunches, are not heavy on strength training. So you need to try to cut the diet back as much as possible to help your body out. Your dieting efforts do not have to be monumental. Making some small changes, such as cutting back on snacking or limiting meals to appropriate portions, can have a huge impact on how your abs look over time. Doing exercises and making dieting changes is the easiest way you will find to get better abs.

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