March 2, 2024

By Jim Rollince of Gym Source, a vendor of home gym and exercise equipment, including treadmills, ellipticals, arc trainers, bikes and more!

This season, don’t let the arctic temperatures impact your normal exercise agenda – A lot easier said that done, right? Sure, buying yourself a brand new treadmill or any one of a number of different home gyms would be an easy solution, but very costly at that. So why not make your way into the nearest athletic center?

Now you’re saying “anybody could have told me that!” But in actuality, this is trickier than most people think. During the winter, it can become quite habitual to go to work; come home and relax; eat dinner, then go to bed.

And this is a routine that nobody should to get too comfortable with. Some people just can’t bare the cold, or simply aren’t prepared for it. These behaviors can become heightened in frequency as it becomes cooler throughout December, January and February.

A list of general winter predispositions can include:

  • Drinking more coffee/tea
  • Engaging in indoor activities
  • Eating fattening foods

Similarly, holiday parties can have a huge impact on , along with increased appetite. And technically, as human beings with certain requirements, we’re exposed to less sunlight, which will certainly lead to fluctuations in hormones and chemicals in the brain. At the same time, the blood vessels in our skin begin to contract, moving blood towards the centre of the body, which impacts our digestive systems.

In combination, all of the above directly affects our ability to stay healthy. Yet, the biggest challenge remains – leaving the house. Here are some great tips:


Dress Warm. This includes warm-ups and under armor. And it’s okay to change at the gym; don’t be ashamed to show off your body in the locker room!

This can be a huge obstacle for a lot of self-conscious people. The warmer you are before your workout, the easier the transition into full cardio or strength training. Tighter clothing will also with warmth.


It’s almost guaranteed that as human beings, we’re going to eat more during the winter. But eating at the right while eating the right foods will eventually enhance your workout and drive you to stay at the gym longer. Be sure to eat foods that are high in protein, along with beverages rich in carbohydrates and vitamins. Calcium and Potassium are very important for nutritional health and avoiding sickness. Although these foods/proteins/vitamins may not get you to the gym, they will surely keep you from missing out!

Also, try substituting some of your every day foods for things like almonds, peanuts, dates and raisins – These are high in protein and natural sugar; guaranteed to give you that extra drive during the day.  On a side note, they also are great for your digestive system. If not properly upheld, obstructed bowel movements can cause distress and back pain, lowering workout motivation.


Drinking sufficient amounts of water during the day will also help with digestion, and also acts as a preventive measure for muscle aches and back pain. And most importantly, it helps with weight loss.


Lastly, be sure to strengthen your muscles by constantly stretching. This doesn’t have to be at the gym – Use your spare time to stretch your muscles, including the ones in your face. The cold will eventually make you feel achier and tighten everything up. A quirky, yet effective example would be to stretch while in the shower. This is when your core temperature has a chance to rise, allowing for easier stretching.

If you’re already actively involved at a gym, it doesn’t mean that you wont’ gain either. Winter’s affects can be quite brutal! Trips the store; walking; playing outside; side-work – This can all be cut in half due to the cold. In order to remedy this, be sure to spend an extra few minutes at the gym, perhaps exploring new exercises. If you abide by these simple stipulations, you’ll find that it’s easy to keep that great summer shape!

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