March 5, 2024

Skin care tips are important all year round. As if keeping your skin healthy day to day weren’t hard enough, Mother Nature has to throw us a couple curve balls every year – the summer season and the winter season. Just when we think we’ve got our skin figured out, the season changes and our skin doesn’t look or feel the same way, and certainly doesn’t react the same way to what we put on it. What you need to do is come up with a plan for the winter season that is different from what you do during the summer season.

Winter Skin Care Tips

Skin Care Tips
Skin Care Tips

Generally, winter wrecks havoc with our skin because of low humidity. We make it worse by turning up the heat in our house and the car. If you live in an area of the country where winter humidity is low, then consider using a humidifier in your home. A humidifier puts moisture back in the air and can relieve dry itchy skin, and can also stop the “shocks” you get when you touch your light switches. You can get a humidifier that attaches to your furnace or a less expensive portable one that is freestanding.

Don’t turn your shower, bath, or tap water hotter even though it feels so good and warms you. Hot water causes your skin to dry out. Use lukewarm to wash your hands, and keep your shower at a comfortably warm, not scalding, temperature. Your skin will thank you.

Consider switching out your moisturizer if the one you are using isn’t cutting it, Siorai provides a great line of skin care products so make sure to check them out. Try one that has oil in it, like an ointment or night cream, especially for your hands. It forms a layer that helps protect your skin. An ointment or night cream might not be right for all areas of your body though, and you’ll need to experiment.

Not only should you switch your moisturizer, you should apply it more often. If you’re going to be outside, be sure to put on a lotion with sunscreen. The lotion will help protect your skin from the wind and the sunscreen will protect it from the sun.

Summer Skin Care Tips

The biggest skin care tips I can give you about summer care is to protect your skin from the the sun. You need a good sunscreen that blocks UVA and UVB rays, and you should remember to reapply it every two hours.

Drinking lots of water is important for your overall health, not just your skin, and it’s even more important in the summer when you tend to sweat more. Keep hydrated for your health, and this will ultimately help your skin too.

If your skin is looking oily in the summer, clean it more often, but don’t use drying agents that remove the natural oils. Find a cleansing product that takes away the shine without drying it out.

A change of makeup may be in order for the summer. In fact, summertime may be a good time not to wear makeup at all. 🙂 If you do want to wear makeup, go lighter. You might want to try an oil-free makeup base as well. If you have dark spots you can use the best bleach for skin. Don’t forgo the moisturizer, just use a lighter one. You still need moisturizer, especially after a day of fun in the sun and wind. I would also recommend doing facial masks to sooth your summer skin.

The winter and summer seasons call for different skin care help. Be aware of what’s going on with your skin and take measures using the above skin care tips to help your skin be at its best.

2 thoughts on “Skin Care Tips For Winter and Summer

  1. Excellent advice.
    Its so important for people with very light skin to protect themselves against the harmful rays on the sun. I cringe when I see young fair skinned young people turning in to lobsters in their pursuit of the perfect tan. This will only cause them serious problems down the line, not too mention the increase in wrinkles.

  2. Face the seasons with a smile and healthy skin, be it summer or winter. I agree you need a seasonal skin health plan. We would like to think there is one plan for all seasons but no such luck. We have to look for natural products that offer seasonal benefits with proper use. As you stated winter bring on the itchy dry skin due to the heating of air and water we use. I liked your tips on humidifiers, hot water and body moisturizing lotion. Found from experience that natural products of liquid soaps and lotions meet the need of the seasons. Emu oil a natural product is high in oleic acid Omega 3, Emu Oil also increases the ability to carry compounds through the skin, thus completely hydrating your skin from the inside out giving you good skin health. Research shows that Emu Oil and your human skin lipids are almost identical; the absorption rate of Emu Oil into your skin is very impressive. A informative source for natural products is with videos.

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