February 28, 2024

Recently my workplace brought in a workplace gym in the new building. I love the idea of workoing out at work but there are a few things to think about when you are about to start training at work.

Working Out in a Workplace Gym

Gym Hours – What time are you going to workout? Before work is great but also there is lunch, after work and during odd hours. I prefer working out after lunch as I eat a smaller lunch and have the energy and the gym is really quiet. Be aware of when the gym is busy as social calls and waiting can really wreak havok on your workout.

stationary bikeEating Plans – You need to make sure that you are not skimping on lunch or breakfast for the sake of working out. There is nothing worse when working out than to not have the food for energy and slowing of your metabolism form not eating.

This may affect the time that you workout but make sure that you eat!

Cleanliness – If you workout in the morning or after work than you may not need to double up on your showers. working out in the morning means that you can workout and then have a morning shower or after work you can wait until you get home to have a shower.

If you do workout at lunch or after than please, for the sake of your coworkers, have a shower after you workout.

Change of clothes – I go through a lot more clothes when I workout as should you. It is nice to have a change of clothes at your desk but remember not to recycle socks and underwear, bring in a new change of clothes everyday with the exception of shoes.

Last year for a while I tried not bringing a change of socks and I paid the price fairly quickly with some terrible athletes foot so be aware of how important this really is.

Workout time – Try to keep your workouts to 45 minutes max. This stops the questions in the office of whether you are wroking enough and it also w\forces you to workout very efficiently and with a lot of intensity.

Break up your workouts so you are either doing aweights day or a cardio day and then you will not have to do doule duty out of one workout. Focus is the most important thing when you are crunched for time.

I hope that these tips are good and help you out in your fitness goals. When you can just go downstairs to workout it is very easy to avoid and very easy to overdo do make the time and coordinate your schedule so that you can make the most of this great resource.

3 thoughts on “Working out at work

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