March 2, 2024

I have always wondered why people use excuses for not working out. Working out not only helps you lose but is good for a lot of other reasons as well.

If you thought that the only function an exercise serves is that of helping you lose weight, you are terribly wrong. Everyone should do exercises, whether they are over, under or of normal . Your body has something to do with the speed and type of your exercises, but you should be working out nonetheless.

You see, besides helping you maintain a slim and sexy body, workouts come with several other bigger benefits. Studies have pointed out time and again that people who workout regularly are less likely to suffer from heart-related diseases or die a premature death than those who don’t; the same researchers say that women who workout regularly are less likely to suffer from osteoporosis and other body-weakening diseases than others.

Now the million dollar question is: if exercises are so important then why do people make excuses for not working out? There are many reasons behind the ‘unpopularity’ of exercises.

Excuses for Not Working Out

Excuses for Not Working Out
Excuses for Not Working Out

Monetary issues: People believe that in order to do workouts of any importance, they either need to buy expensive exercise equipments, hire a fitness trainer, or buy an expensive membership at a premier gym. All these perceptions are wrong; nonetheless, people continue to believe in them.

Lack of time: Some people find it very difficult to find spare time for exercises. The reason behind this is usually too much workload at office. Sometimes however, this is just used as a lame excuse to keep away from workouts. When you see that one person is able to maintain his workout regimen and the other cannot (even though both are doing the same job, living the same lifestyle, have the same household chores to do, and are allotted the same 24 hours in a day), you know something is wrong.

Lethargy and apathy: Most people are by nature lazy, which is why we have an issue like ‘obesity’ plaguing the whole world. Even if they have spare time, they would rather spend it by watching a movie than doing their workouts.

People think that workouts are too hard; forget about actually working out in the gym, they are fatigued simply on hearing the very name of ‘workouts’. Others feel that workouts are boring and no fun to do. Still others feel that workouts are useless for anyone who is not an athlete or bodybuilder.

Social stigma: People living in culturally backward societies suffer from “pangs of social stigma”; they feel that if they start going to gym, their friends and neighbors would inevitably think that something is wrong with their body , and then they have to keep up with their taunts. You would be surprised to know that some people even feel uneasy when asked to go to a fitness trainer or visit a nutritionist.

If you keep away from workouts for any of the above issues, you could try out the treadmill workouts. Treadmills are pretty affordable these days, with some shops even offering discounts and coupon codes to first time buyers. Since the equipment would be located at your home, you don’t need to go out to the gym to burn your fat. Since you would exercise in the privacy of your home, nobody would ever get a hint. Remember that using these excuses for not working out are not going to help you but instead hurt you.

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