April 12, 2024


My daughter was standing with her arms out and her left leg on her right knee, I am not sure exactly how I knew it but I told her that she was doing the tree pose in Yoga.

Yoga for Kids – With Parents

My daughter of course did not believe me, few kids seem to believe old people. Anyway we went to the Yoga Journal website and took a look at all of the different poses.

My daughter is a bit of a yoga practitioner as we have a couple of Yoga tapes that she has been able to sample.

Yoga for Kids
Yoga for Kids

My daughter and I did Yoga this way: We would find a pose with a good name, look at the pose and then try it out.

Kids are very flexible so more often than not Taylor was able to do the pose somewhat and I was struggling quite a bit.

Let the Kids Learn Their Yoga

So there are many ways to learn and do Yoga with your kids. You don’t have to know how to do Yoga and you can learn while your kids learn.

Isn’t that a great change where we get to discover something new with our kids.

Go online, Look on Youtube, Try Yoga on the Wii, or just get a Yoga book.

The great thing about this exercise session is that my daughter and I had a great time doing some exercise and she also learned that she is better at some sports than me.

I can usually run faster, ride further and lift more than she can at the age of six but here is something where Taylor is very flexible, has great balance and knows just about as much as I do when it comes to Yoga for kids.

I found another great resource for Yoga for kid and that is an article written by a Yoga instructor at Yoga International. A lot of great information abounds, check it out and you and your kids can learn it all together

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