March 2, 2024

Every day we make choices that affect our life and our future. These choices, if made incorrectly can drag us down, if chosen wisely these choices can make us powerful, rich, and happy.

I was checking to see how many choices that we make in a day. Can you believe that we make 35,000 choices in a day?

I know that sounds like a lot but a study at Cornell found that people thought they made about 14 decisions a day about food when in fact the number was about 227 choices a day!


It seems that too often in life that outside forces are making our decisions for us. Boss at work, kids at home, red light on the street. In actual fact though we are the artists of our future. We dictate the change we want to see.

All those decisions every day can work in our favor. So stand up, make those decisions for your future and make your life better every single day.

So today, instead of making 35,000 blind or lackluster choices, why not choose excellence. make every decision count.

I wanted to close this quick post with a video that I have always found inspirational. I hope you like it too.


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