October 3, 2023

I heard something about this a little while ago and was reminded about it today by Rob at Former Fat Guy. The idea behind 100 pushups is that no mater how bad of shape you are in that given the proper training you can get yourself to the point of doing 100 pushups.

Have you ever done 100 pushups? I think I was able once but I am quite sure I can not now. This 100 pushup goal is definitely tough, definitely achievable, and definitely worth doing to probe to yourself that you can set a goal and achieve it.

I am going to try tonight to see how many I can do and post the results as well as updates to when I finish this. You should too.



Well last night I was at the park with my wife and kids and did the pushups. I did 26 pushups and then I stopped for a sec, my wife called it over.

Then she told me to try again, I was tired from the first set and followed it up with only another 13 pushups. Very embarassing, I thought I would do better so that was a little tough on the ego.

Tonight I tried again after dinner. I went right to the end of my energy and I achieved 41 pushups 🙂 I had nothing left so this is definitely the max number that I can do right now.

Good for me I guess I will see how it goes over the next few weeks. How did you do?

8 thoughts on “100 Pushups at one time

  1. The progression given on the website is definitely too fast. If you can hit the hundred in 6 months, it will be much healthier than trying to do them every other day. This would result in overtraining as you can read on any half-serious book or website. Do you training at most twice a week to give your muscles enough time to recover. Add complementing exercises for back (pullups) and core (abs, back) to not develop dysbalances.

  2. Hi
    I started from doing 10 pushups now in week 5 ont able to do 17, this is not working, I do not think that it works for everyone, How is it possible to increase 1 or 2 evry other day? Not possible

  3. So Bill, did you see the new body exercises forum I have on my new blog? I have a whole section in there about the 100 pushups. The idea is to train for them a little differently, along with what 100 pushups website has.

    I like to mix up the training with speed drills.

    ie: how many pushups can you do in 2 minutes? and how long does it take you to do 100 pushups/

    These two speed drills have you focusing on time, rather than numbers. As you progress, you should be able to do 100 pushups in a shorter and shorter amount of time.

    These pushups are about completing 100 pushups with short rest intervals of say 5 or 10 seconds, pushing yourself to do more in less time

    1. Excellent Rob. The one problem, if there is one, with the 100 pushups thing is that it has one goal in mind. this way you have have three ways to test how well you are progressing with speed involved instead of just numbers.

  4. Hi,

    i’ve been doing the program. i started around the same point 40 pushups, which started me at week 3, row 3.

    i went through to week 6 and at the end of the program i can now do 83 as my high, which i’m happy with.

    i’ve gone back to week 5 row 3 and was more easily able to compete the sets.

    However, it seems now that the site has either an error or has changed their sets, are you also seeing this? What do people think?

  5. Sorry people, to stupid! I started commenting in my own languages here is the translation:

    I tried this program for a while. But this program really is putting you really to the limit and it is hard the complete it. Some of my friends were getting light injuries. Because of that, we stopped with the 100 push ups. It really became hard around week 3 / week 4. I rather go to the gym for a more controlled movement.

    Again, apologies for the double comment.

  6. Ik heb dit ook een tijdje geprobeerd. Maar dit schema is heel lastig te halen. Het zet je echt onder druk. Sommige vrienden van mij kregen ook lichte blessures. Om die reden zijn we er mee gestopt. Dat het echt lastig begon te worden was zo rond week 3 / week 4. Ik ga liever in de fitness zaal een oefening doen zodat de beweging beter gecontroleerd is.

  7. Hi, I have been trying to do the 100 push up thing, cant seem to get much past 30. I was wondering if maybe allot of this depends on scheduling the pushups. I am doing them every other day. I dont understand the scheduling on the website, so I have been doing 2 sets of 25-30 in the morning, then 2 sets of 25 after work in the evening. I seem to be gaining some muscle and upper body strength this way, but I dont think this is what I am supposed to be doing for best benefit. can you or someone help me with the most beneficial schedule for this? (i have built myself up to this over the last 3 weeks)

    Thanks, Russ

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