May 19, 2024
Making Weight Loss Resolutions
Making Weight Loss Resolutions

With so many people taking a resolution to lose every New Year, one would think that our world is getting healthier. Reality however, is exactly the opposite. Out of the countless number of people who take the loss resolution, only a few are able to stick to it throughout the rest of the year.

Making Weight Loss Resolutions

Come to think of it, taking a loss resolution has become more of a fad than anything else, as most people hardly take their resolutions seriously, or even if they do, they are not prepared to make the extra effort it takes to keep those resolutions! If you really want to make your loss resolution iron-clad solid, just follow the two easy steps below.

1. Make your resolution realistic: How far you would be successful in loss would be determined on the viability of your resolution. Is it realistic? If not, it is unlikely that you would achieve your loss goal ever! The very first thing you need to do is to make sure that you make a very realistic resolution.

Examples of unrealistic resolutions are:

“I want a body like Jessica Alba by next Christmas’.

‘I want to lose all before the next Thanksgiving day;

Make Specific Resolutions

As you can see, these goals lack specifics of any kind, so there is no doubt that they are unrealistic. When your loss goal lacks specifics of any kind, your mind would wander aimlessly and you would jump from one diet to another with little or no success.

What happens when you are asked to go on a shopping spree without a list of items you are going to buy? You wander aimlessly and waste money on buying useless stuff. The exact thing would happen if you don’t make your loss resolution specific and realistic. Examples of good loss resolutions are:

“I want to lose 20 pounds by next year”

“I want my to be reduced by 30 pounds at the end of 2009”

Okay these look like ‘baby resolutions’, but I really suggest that you make ‘little’ resolutions like these so that your mind thinks it is ‘easy’ to lose weight. Keep in mind that if you intimidate your mind with a formidable resolution, chances are that you would soon lose the motivation to lose !

It is possible that you will outgrow your loss resolution and lose more than what you promised yourself, but the opposite may also happen! Either way, you WILL lose some , that is for sure!

2. Get plenty of support: I would be honest with you: I don’t know anyone who has been able to reach their loss goals all by themselves without any kind of external support or guidance! Very often your family would support you, but that is just not enough! You also need to secure the support of your peers – people who are in the same boat as you, struggling to lose !

You can find such people at loss forums. Most of them are free to join, so make sure you sign up with at least one of them and get involved! Remember that you will also find several experts in these forums who are more than eager to offer free help and advice to wannabe loss aspirants!

It is also important that you surround yourself with positive-minded people at all times. Positivity begets positivity and encourages you to lose weight, while negative people would only frustrate and discourage you!

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