April 25, 2024

OK today will be the last day that we look at your new years resolutions.

When you look back to what you wanted to achieve this year I suspect that you did have some successes but those failures are the ones that everyone tends to dwell on.

What Makes New Years Resolutions So Great

2015One of the big problems that we run into when we set new years resolutions are that we love the freshness of a new life.

Getting rid of the baggage that we carry year after year is sometimes difficult and of you can just make those few big changes it will change you life.

Well of course doing that is difficult but it all comes down to our values. What do you think that you value and what do you show that you in fact value?

I know that in my case I value eating well and living a healthy lifestyle but even while I do this I will eat bad foods and sometimes those excuses come up that will help me avoid the gym.

Aligning Your Goals With Your Values

So making real change comes down to your value system and making changes to your values. I once heard that changing your values is like turning an ocean liner around.

It is a slow process that takes a lot of time and distance. Of course every day you do wake up and make choices for that day.

When I start faltering in my lifestyle choices I will start getting up a bit earlier and start knocking off some of those to dos that I let slide.

If you start the day worrying about getting everything done then a lot of your decisions are going to be based on today instead of the longer term.

Three Lists To Solidify Your Goals

So today you need to make a couple of lists, and maybe even three lists.

The first list I would like you to make is a list of your values that you need to have to make sure that your new years resolutions succeed. What do you need to have as hard and fast rules so that you will not fail?

The second list that you need to make is your first and maybe second steps for each of your new years resolutions.

To succeed you need to start and often we will not get started because we fail to take that first step. Here are some examples:

Losing Weight – Find out about a trainer. Decide where your fitness level is. Clear out the junk food from your home and office. Research diets

Gaining Muscle – Get a trainer. Join a gym. buy some protein powder. Research gaining programs.

I just wanted to stick to the fitness goals but as you know there are lots of facets to each of our lives and to be well rounded it is a good idea to have goals in each area of your life.

The third list? Well maybe you jumped at those resolutions a bit too quickly.

Why not look back and see if you have chosen the best new years resolutions for yourself at this point in your life and look at maybe changing one or two.

Getting goals that are really exciting and things that will in fact change you life for the better.

The real point of all of these four days will in fact come down to changing your value structure to become closer to what you want to be in the new year.

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3 thoughts on “New Years Resolution Plan – Day 4

  1. Great way to look at it!! I really like the multi list theory! I always tell my clients (I’m a personal trainer) That small attainable goals are the best way to reach the larger more long term goals, that will help keep them on track!

  2. wow this is soo cool! thanks for the informations, it really worth to try! i will be waiting for your next articles.

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