April 12, 2024

So today I wanted to talk about two things to do with your New Years Resolutions, your strengths and your weaknesses and how these are important to the resolutions that you have already set.

Back when I was a Realtor my manager once asked me what me weaknesses were. I told him that I didn’t know of any and I wasn’t being cocky, it was true, I just did not know of any weaknesses that I had.

Of course when you look deep you will find some and this is really important if you are to succeed.

Remind Yourself of This Years Successes and Failures

2015We start again with the list that you made on the first day. Go back to your successes and failures from this last year and first look at your failures.

This can be very painful but really you need to know what it is that you need to strengthen and what to avoid this next year.

What were your problems? Procrastination? Fear of failure? Disorganization? Lack of concentration on one task at a time?

Once you have this list of weaknesses you can mitigate against them by making sure that you are on guard against them. Just think if you did this last year how much further ahead you would have been by now.

What Were Your Strengths This Year?

Next is the list of strengths that you were able to pick up from that list. Your list of strengths can be building blocks that you should be able to leverage to get better in other areas of your life.

Common strengths are perseverance, organization, creativity, and of course your network of people both online and offline (I hope to be one of those) that can help you to strengthen those previous weaknesses.

This may look on the outset to be an easy couple of questions to answer but I really believe you can get buried in it as you start to write down issues that have plagued you for a long time as well as some of those strengths that you have never really taken advantage of.

Why Do This Exercise?

Now that you know your strengths and weaknesses you can move forward with a lot more confidence. Every time that we succeed or fail we leave ourselves clues as to why things worked out as they did.

If you weren’t aware already 95% of New Years Resolutions fail and even though, as I said yesterday, there are many reasons for this you have control over quite a bit.

If we come to realize that our passion as well as our strengths and weaknesses (as well as a plan of course) will dictate our results you can see that by building goals that we are passionate about and correctly created SMART goals will give us a great chance to succeed.

Add in these strengths and weaknesses and you have a perfect trifecta that will almost guarantee our success!

Tomorrow I will try to wrap up all of the issues that have probably stopped you in the past and we can see if a better or at least different value system can get you on the right track in the year ahead

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