October 2, 2023

Scott Tousignant from Unstoppable Fat Loss has a fitness product that is tied into training as well as a 21 day fitness contest. The signup is only available though until August 13th.

This is something new that I have never seen before and is pretty exciting so I would like to explain it well if I can.

The 21 Day Challenge is a $47 training package/contest that includes:

  • 42 interviews with success pros in the mind-body as well as health and fitness fields
  • A Popular Fitness Forum membership to work with others on the same journey
  • Tons of information ebooks with lots of tips and strategies to lose and gain muscle
  • A total of over $2400 in prizes to the man and woman that make the most incredible change over 21 days.

So all you need to do is pay the $47 to sign up and thenĀ  you will be entered in the contest and get all of the support materials. To win you will be judged on the mindset and motivational transformation that you go through in just three short weeks.

To win the contest you will need to go to a special website and find a question or task that Scott will be asking and do it and make the changes that you need. Then after 21 days he and his group will judge who of all of the people have made the biggest changes in the last 21 days. The changes are based on massive action and not just fat loss.

This seems to be a really cool idea. Most program that I see are just open ended. Buy the book or the program and then go for it but no real on going support except for the answering of qeustions. In this case there is a real followup that assures you that you will move forward because there is a contest involved.

So how do I feel about this as opposed to a diet like Fat Loss for Idiots or a diet/workout program like Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle?

I think that this is a great and very different program. You need to join in the next few days as it will go up in price and the whole contest will not be available after August 13th (next Wednesday).

I view this as a quick and tough start to a lifestyle change. There tends to be two kinds of people, one type make small changes all the time and over a year will change their life, the other group of people need a massive stressful kick in the butt change.

This big massive kick in the butt change is exactly what this program is.

If you are looking for a chance to make a big change, if you have the time over the next few weeks to invest in changing your life now then you should click the link and at least read what Scott has to say and sign-up for his new 21 day unstoppable fat loss program. Join the program not just to try to win part of $2000 in prizes, instead join knowing that you will be making a huge change in your lifeyour future by improving many parts of your life.

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