February 28, 2024

Human beings are strange species. First they allow themselves to gain several pounds of fat by eating all the bad foods day in and day out. Then, when they actually become fat and ugly, they wonder how all this could happen to them. It may sound funny but it IS the core reality of the millions of obese adults who are fighting to lose and become their former self. If you desperately want to get rid of fat then read this article to find out the three exercise tips for quick weight loss.

Step#1 – Decide on the type of workout suitable for you: One of the reasons why so many people fail to lose with the help of workouts is that they often choose the wrong workout or workout techniques for themselves. Without going into much technical detail, I would only like to say that you should choose a workout that fits your goal, time schedule, lifestyle, etc.

For instance, ask yourself:

a) Where would you be doing the workouts, at home or the gym?

b) Do you know what equipments are needed for the workout you have chosen to do? If you have chosen to workout at home, do you have all those equipments ready?

c) How much time could you invest per day on the respective workout(s)?

d) What benefits do you expect to gain from your chosen workouts? Do you wish to burn fat or build muscles?

The last question is probably the most crucial one. The type of benefits you want to achieve would help you select the correct workouts for yourself. Remember that doing the wrong type of workouts only results in disappointment. People who don’t think ahead usually end up quitting their workout programs after a while.

Step#2 – Research workout durations and your bodily needs: To be honest, if one workout program offers to help you burn fat within a month, and the other promises to offer the same result in one year, you should go with the first option. Several studies have pointed out that people usually tend to stick with workout programs that are short. If your workout program runs for an extended period of time, you would inevitably become frustrated with it after a point of time.

Of course there are other things you need to note here as well. The time it would take you to get rid of fat often depends on the kind of workouts you choose for yourself. All things remaining equal, high intensity workouts such as interval training and resistance training would offer you faster results than say, cardios. On the other hand, not everyone’s body is suitable for high intensity workouts.

You also need to keep your current state of health in mind before selecting any workout program. If you are recovering from a recent injury, or if you are an expecting mother, you are probably better off doing low intensity workouts. With low intensity workouts, while it may take some time before you reach your desired goals, you won’t suffer from any severe injury to your bones or muscles as a result of your workout routine.

Step#3: Find the perfect workout for yourself: Once you have completed the two steps above, it is time you find a proven loss workout that meets your needs and requirements. I would like to warn you against making a common mistake committed by many people: don’t try to reinvent the wheel. You have already spent enough time in researching your bodily needs; you don’t want to spend any more time in researching workouts, do you? Pick up a workout that has already helped others lose successfully, but at the same time, also make sure it is suitable for you.

Most people start out working enthusiastically in the beginning but very few are indeed fortunate enough to sustain the workout routine long enough to see the desired results. That is because most of them don’t follow the three step approach I detailed above. Follow my proven 3-step approach to loss workout and you will be miles ahead of your peers.

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