April 12, 2024

Proper nutrition is not the only way to keep the body healthy. Regular exercise and strength training at least twice a week should be done if we want to keep our body in top condition.

Weight training can be done with free weights and machines. While many people consider free weights as being for professional bodybuilders, training machines can be used by everyone for a similar purpose. Weight training machines are ideal for beginners and rehabilitation patients as well as serious bodybuilders.

When you step into a gym for the first time, you may be overwhelmed by all the complicated exercise machines around you.

incline-machineWeight training machines are designed to exercise specific muscle groups. For example, you can workout your chest, back and shoulders with a lat pull-down machine or chest-press machine.

For lower body workouts you could use a leg-press or leg extension machine. A fitness expert can show you how to use a training machine for your workout.

Serious bodybuilders say there’s nothing better than free weights when it comes to strength training. However, training machines offer many advantages and benefits too.

Places You in The Correct Position

While free weights allow freedom of movement, a training machine automatically places you in the correct biomechanical position to accomplish the exercise motion in the proper form.

The machine effectively isolates the muscles that you are using, and all you have to do is push or pull the weight.

Your movement is restricted because you can only move the in one direction.

Safe To Use

Weight training machines are typically safer to exercise with compared to free weights.

The limited range of motion prevents you from using your muscles incorrectly. Weight training machines also eliminate accidents such as dropping a barbell that you are trying to lift.

A training machine is ideal for those who have an injury and are undergoing physical rehabilitation through strength training.

An exercise machine is also useful if you are working with heavy weights and do not have a spotter.

Faster Workouts

In general, it takes less time to complete your exercise when working out with a training machine rather than free weights.

When working with free weights, you have to remove or add plates on a barbell.

On a training machine, you can quickly adjust the by moving a pin or clipping cables to the desired resistance setting.

This allows you to go through your exercise routine faster while maintaining an elevated heart rate.

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