May 18, 2024

rowing machineI wrote a post last week about buying used exercise equipment because at this time of year it is much easier to by exercise equipment then it is at any other time of the year and to save money to boot. Anyway in all of the equipment that I mentioned I never did mention the best piece of cardio exercise equipment and that is the rowing machine.

Rowing machines are a bit more complex and a bit harder to use than the standard stair machine, exercise bike, or treadmill. A rowing machine is a much better piece of equipment if you are looking for a new piece of equipment because it does a lot more for your body. With a bike you work your legs mostly and your abs a little and with a treadmill it is only a leg workout for the most part but with a rowing machine you work a lot more body parts.

Rowing machines work nearly all of the major muscle groups with work done by your quads, hamstrings, back, biceps and abs. There is no better exercise for the entire body than a rowing machine besides maybe swimming.

The great thing that I really like about rowing machines is the rythym. You start by being crunched up and get to explode out. Uou will push your legs, extend your back and at the same time accelerate the handle by pulling it into your chest. The rowing machine is like a mass contraction for you to do while working out.

Lastly, most rowing machines take almost no space. A good quality rowing machine is very flat and can fit under a bed or up against a wall and for this reason alone it is much easier to contain a rowing machine in an apartment or small house then it is to have a treadmill or exercise bike.

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