February 28, 2024

A couple of weeks ago I tweaked something in my back. Not a wrecked back at all but just something a bit out of place. I have no idea what happened, just woke up one morning with a bit of an ache in my left shoulder blade and by the afternoon it had moved to my lower right area of my back. Moving pains are not too good.

Upper Back Pain
Wish my back was this big!

I tried to stretch out, I tried lifting weights but nothing was working and the funny thing is that the pain was not slowing me down in the gym at all it was just a small pain moving around when I wasn’t in the gym.

So yesterday I thought I would try to cardio out the pain in my back. Monday I worked core really hard and it hadn’t made much difference so I used the elliptical trainer (didn’t help), and then I just used a rowing machine for a while.

Have you used a rowing machine before?

I pulled hard, I pulled light, and I even messed with my pace. Finally I was tired and I gave up. Well today I am really feeling it. No pain in the back anymore but since yesterday I have a whole lot of muscle pain all thorough my back and down my biceps.

I haven’t had this kind of pain through my back in a long time so I am really happy that I got on that rowing machine yesterday. Sure is nice to try something new for a change

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