May 25, 2024

OK, I have to admit that I have seen a Vibration fitness machine and lets just say that I am really skeptical as to whether they work or not.

How Does a Vibration Fitness Machine Work?

The idea behind vibration loss is this: You start up this machine and it vibrates very quickly. You get on the machine and it makes you shake so you have to brace yourself and hold on.

Through all the little vibrations your muscles would need to contract and relax very quickly to keep you standing straight up or stretching without falling down.

vibration fitness machine
vibration fitness machine

A good salesman could definitely sell the supposed benefits and I have seen this done.

The trouble is there is no real movement, this vibration fitness machine is still a bit of a scam as you are not recruiting enough muscle fibers to make a difference at the same time.

When you run or ride you need to use a lot of muscle fibers many times and when doing weights you get the same as well as some extra muscle mass for your body to maintain.

I have looked around and never mind a bit of money spent to change up or test a workout but…

these vibration exercise machines are really expensive costing at least $2000.

For that kind of money you can have a few pieces of good quality cardio equipment and still have money left over for a basement room as well.

I would caution anyone looking at these vibration fitness machines to think twice and look around for reviews by people not selling these.

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