May 25, 2024

I have had to face the fact. I am not a machine, not even close and I have to stop trying to be one.

Years ago our family used to joke around about Pete Sampras. I would say “I’m not a machine, well, not like Pete Sampras”. Pete Sampras of course was the best tennis player in the world and would have incredible focus, to the point where he was throwing up on court AND still won the match.

You Are Not a Machine

I on the other hand do not listen to my body very well at times. Do you?

It is important of course to eat right, exercise often and hard, and rest by sleeping osundly every night. But sometimes you will get a bug, or a minor training injury, or you have too much food for dinner and you suffer.

We all have to remember that we are only human and we are going to have to have downtime, we are going to have a bad attitude sometimes, and as much as we want to eat like a pro, we will occasionally enjoy a dessert instead of suffering through life.

I have been working hard at home, at work, on some business stuff, and I seem to have picked up some kind of stomach virus? or something? So this morning I was walking the dog and I had to tell him”

“You know what Otto, I am not a machine. I am not supposed to be so why do I always try to fake myself out thinking I have to do everything all the time?”

Not much reaction from the dog on that one

You Don’t Have To Do It All

But it is true. This week I am writing about directing your life, I try to direct my life as well and I think I do a pretty good job of it. I tend to be the kind of person that likes to keep people happy, the most important thing I can do is serve others. But I have to stop trying to help everyone all the time and just sit back and enjoy what life has to offer me.

I know that I am not alone. Reading comments on the blog here, and all the emails from people. We are all struggling with this from time to time.

Let me tell you now. Try Your Best Always, do great things. But also make sure that you are getting some lazy time, ask others for help, make sure that your life is an enjoyment not just some kind of battle that you are fighting everyday all of the time.

Tonight, or maybe tomorrow I will try to write more about how we can build this downtime, apply some enjoyment, friendships, quiet time, and more smiling into our lives.

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