April 21, 2024

Stair climbing machines have long been a mainstay piece of equipment in many home fitness centers. They are considered to be the third most popular choice in home exercise equipment that is available today.

Stair steppers are simple to use since they simulate the beneficial action of climbing up stairs,  are also great before using the stair steppers, the way you can stretch good before. Of course, with real stairs you are done when you reach the top, but with this fitness equipment you can continue climbing as long as your legs endure.

Why Are Stair Climbers Good?

stair climbing machines
Stair Climbing Machines vs Using Real Stairs

One of the reasons that stair climbing machines are so popular is that they are very effective at strengthening and building the muscles in your legs, thighs and buttocks.

These large muscles are responsible for a great deal of overall body strength and are also responsible for a large percentage of the calories that you burn each day.

Once you build up this group of large muscles, the effects on your metabolism will be significant because a faster metabolic rate equals more calories burned.

There are many people who have the mistaken idea that the only time their body benefits from an exercise is while it is being done. But, the experts say this is not so and that once you increase your muscle mass you will also increase the amount of fat being burned.

This is one of the reasons stair climbing machines are popular, because they are one of the best fitness machines for helping you build the large muscles of your lower body.

As wonderful as they are, it is important to use them correctly, or you can end up wasting your time and not getting the benefits you desire. With proper exercise on stair climbing machines, meaning correct posture and not leaning your body on the rails of the machine, you can reap the maximum amount of gain. Not only will a stair climber help to build and tone your lower body, but the result of using it will improve your level of energy and your sense of balance as well.

The Different Kinds Of Stair Climbing Machines

There are a number of different kinds of them on the market from which to choose. Some of the available styles include: cylinder-driven climbers, wind-driven climbers and computer controlled climber models which can include some very sophisticated programming to challenge those who have been using stair climbing equipment for some time.

Stair climbers also come in quite a wide range of prices too. The most expensive stair steppers on the market include small onboard computers that will calculate the number of calories that you burn during a workout session.

They can also track your heart rate and can keep a record of the total number of feet or stories that you climbed during your routine. Additionally, some models come with workout handles which allow you to add exercises for the upper body.

Many experts suggest that stair climbing machines are more suitable for some people than exercise bikes, treadmills or other at home fitness equipment. However, if you have been sedentary, a stair climber may not be the best piece of home gym exercise equipment to start out with and you should consult your physician first. It should be noted that stair steppers are not recommended to be used by people who have cardiovascular or orthopedic disorders.

The Final Word On Stair Climbing Machines

Because they are so effective at targeting and building those large muscles groups in your hips, legs and thighs, stair climbers are generally considered to be a more effective choice than treadmills and ellipticals. A good stair climber can be the main part of your home fitness center and because you can also watch TV, listen to music or read at the same time, you are more likely to use it regularly.

5 thoughts on “The Great Facts About Stair Climbing Machines

  1. I very much enjoy using the stair climber at my gym. Even when it’s nice out it’s hard to do better epsecially when cross training. What I find disheartening is the small percentage of people who actually use them right. The stair climbers at my gym are always busy but the vast majority of people I see on them support the entire of their body on their arms and are essentially doing less stairs. When doing class one or two 14ers I use treking poles so I use that motion on the stair climber and don’t even touch the railings. This is a vastly better workout regardless of how fast you are going in relation to those who hold themselves up with their arms.

  2. I’m an avid daily gym rat who has been using the various machines for years (as well as bicycling across the country several times.) I always laughed inside as I watched people on the stepmills — because they didn’t look like they were working hard (compared to running on treadmills or doing 180 paces per minute on the elliptical.) But about a year ago I thought I’d give it a try … and was quickly humbled. I found that you have to go fairly slowly or else you quickly find yourself in the “red zone” and burn out fast. In order to complete, say, an hour (my typical exercise span) you have to start out at a pace that seems too slow at first. As the minutes go on the heart rate rises and at the end I am solidly at 90 percent of my maximum rate. A fiercely devoted fitness buff can get a fantastic workout on any machine, but for me, at least, the three toughest workouts are bicycling up a mountain pass, running 7 or 8 miles fast, — and steady stairclimbing.
    As far as calories burned, my Polar heart monitor supports what is often said about ellipticals — that the machines wildly overestimate calorie use, especially for people who drape themselves on the handles. (I find the rowing machines also too generous.) But the stairclimber is honest. Weight makes a huge difference, too, with skinny climbers having an easier time of it… I’d suggest for such people, adding a belt would make the exercise more intense. It’s great for heavy users as well. Running with extra pounds can tear down the body, and ellipticals can be tricky to use hands-free (the best way) if the user has a lot of upper body . But almost anyone can climb stairs, right? Your own is what gives you the great workout on a stairclimber.

  3. Stair climbing machines are humbling. you feel like an out of shape noodle, and you do not get an impressive reaction for the large output of energy. But if you can re-train your mind and ego to accept this- this is a low impact exercise than can burn more calories per hour than any other machine (if you choose), it will develop you muscles and lungs equally well,

    Hydrate well, my normally low resting BP drops 30-40 mm of Hg immediately after an hour of hard stairclimbing, from orthostatic change and lowered water content in the blood.

    It’s a great feeling, but it is pretty hard on the body. Most intense workout i’ve ever done, hands down.

  4. “There are many people who have the mistaken idea that the only time their body benefits from an exercise is while it is being done. But, the experts say this is not so and that once you increase your muscle mass you will also increase the amount of fat being burned”

    While his wording is vague enough he could argue he meant otherwise, it would be interpreted by most people reading it as the absolute MYTH that large muscle mass will just sit there and burn calories for you all day. Muscle is nearly the most efficient organ in your body and will consume merely 8 calories per pound of muscle per day. If you want to burn calories on the couch, transplant an extra kidney or liver into your abdomen. Those organs actually burn calories at rest.

  5. As popular as stair climbers are, I personally feel they are still underused. I used to work in a prominent downtown health club for over two years and out of the 60+ pieces of cardio we had, only 4 were stair climbers. Not only that is they weren’t used nearly as often as treadmills nor the bikes.

    I think a couple reasons are 1) They are a little more complicated to use 2) IMO they can be much more challenging than other cardio equipment as they force you to challenge yourself physically

    If you are someone to hasn’t tried the stair climber I would suggest you give it a try. Harder yes, but also may potentially be more effective than what you are doing now.

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