May 24, 2024

Depression is one of the most common disorders today. While much has been researched to detect and treat depression, it remains to be commonly misdiagnosed or ignored in several people.

People worldwide suffer from depression and, as a result, have their mental and physical health adversely affected.

A form of depression which is also prevalent today is agitated depression. Agitated depression symptoms include irritability, restlessness and being easily riled up over seemingly trivial matters.

People with agitated depression often have excessive outbursts that tend to be on the aggressive if not the violent side.

  • This type of depression can lead to an unhealthy lifestyle emotionally, physically and socially.
  • This type of depression can hit people across a large age group as well.

However, given the correct diagnoses and treatment, it is a treatable and manageable disorder.

Agitated Depression Symptoms

Agitated depression symptoms can exhibit in the person’s physical mannerisms, thought processes and character. People that suffer from this can find it difficult to accept their own disorder.

While they may show agitated depression symptoms they may chalk it up to their being simply misunderstood.

Agitated Depression Symptoms
Agitated Depression Symptoms

Though professional diagnosis is still the best way to conclude if a person suffers from agitated depression, you can make an initial diagnosis from the following symptoms.

  • Constant wringing of hands or tugging and pulling of skin
  • Can’t sit still or stay in one place for a long time
  • Has frequent excessive outburst, episodes may be violent or extremely aggressive
  • Intense thoughts and feelings, bordering or going to extremes
  • Speech pattern is fast paced and with high pressure

Effects of Agitated Depression

People that show agitated depression symptoms can sometimes ring this up to being tired or in a bad mood. But if they continue to show these signs of the disorder then it can mean that they do suffer from depression.

While it is normal for people to get angry, consistent agitation and aggressiveness can have adverse health implications.

Health Implications of Agitated Depression Symptoms

  • Those that suffer from heart problems can have greater risk of heart disease
  • High risk of suicide or aggressive attacks on others

Effects on Social Interaction of Agitated Depression

  • Can become difficult to have a relationship with
  • Dysfunction at work

Diagnosis and Treatment for Agitated Depression

It is important to seek medical care for people that demonstrate agitated depression symptoms. A psychiatric evaluation can correctly diagnose the disorder as well as evaluate any other medical disorders or illnesses that are associated with depression.

The different factors of medical and personal history should be taken into account to properly diagnose depression.

Once it is established that a person has agitated depression, different therapy courses can be prescribed. Antidepressants and other medication can help in stabilizing the mood of a person.

Psychotherapy sessions where the patient can learn to manage and deal with their emotions is also helpful.

Depression is a very real and dangerous disorder if left untreated. But with proper diagnosis and treatment Agitated Depression symptoms can be overcome.

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