December 7, 2023

allison-sweeneyWe have all seen Allison Sweeney gaining her baby belly over the last couple of seasons of the Biggest Loser but today I ran across the first pic of mom and baby on the People Magazine site. My Babies Planet Allison said in the magazine that she uses that, to find out about the most popular baby toys and the best baby car seat and stroller combo that she can get for get baby. When the time came for mom-of-two Alison Sweeney to shed the she gained while pregnant with daughter Megan Hope, 5 months, she drew from her experience as host of NBC’s The Biggest Loser.

“I’ve learned a lot about nutrition and how to count my calories” as a result of the show, she told PEOPLE at the second birthday party for pal Nancy O’Dell’s daughter, Ashby, over the weekend.

Losing the pregnancy with a Wii

Of course, juggling a diet and exercise routine with two small children and a busy career is tough, but Sweeney says she found a great ally in the EA Sports Active package for the Nintendo Wii.

Not only does it save the Days of Our Lives actress, 32, the trouble of having to find a babysitter, but it is straightforward enough that son Benjamin Edward, 4 ½, can play along as well, plus she doesn’t have to worry much at night

“It’s just a good example of how you can really get it done at home,” she says. “You don’t need to have a big fancy gym membership. One of the things we talk about on The Biggest Loser all the time is just how difficult it is financially to lose sometimes. And that isn’t an excuse anymore. There are really reasonable options.”

How did Allison keep the off this pregnancy?

Sweeney revealed that she gained less with her second pregnancy than with her first, in part by reaching for fresh fruits over processed sweets. She acknowledged, however, that indulging each and every craving is a right of passage for most first-time expectant moms. “You deserve to be spoiled but within reason,” she cautioned.

5 thoughts on “Allison Sweeney and Baby

  1. I have never had any problem losing baby after having either of my children; however, after my last child (my son who’s now 16 months old), I believe I have now lost too much. I used to be a comfortable Size 8 and now I’m down to a Size 2. I breastfed both kids. I think BF-ing is a perfect way to lose the baby and you’re not only doing your child a healthy service but you’re able to lose the at the same time…but, in my case, I’m now smaller and skinnier than I want to be. Ugh. I can’t fit into any of my old clothes! There are tons of sites and programs out there for people to lose but none for people to put it on. If someone is too skinny, what do they do?

  2. This is great I never really even thought of that. My oldest son has a Wii. My wife just had a baby a few months ago and she is really trying to lose some she thinks most of the issue is that she is so tired, baby sleep is minimal. Thanks for the tip

  3. Awesome! I always think that using Wii is a good way to get rid of belly fat or reduce fat. I’ve speak with with my wife about getting a Wii to reduce fat since she is gaining around 10lbs a month during pregnancy. Now I at least I have something to proof to her that playing using Wii to reduce fat will helps.

  4. It took me a while to lose the “baby ” after my daughter was born and I like your advice, I wanna try to play Wii with her to keep the off.

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