April 21, 2024

Well the Blue team won the weigh in last week and they got a weekend trip to las Vegas which led to some trouble lots of fun and a losing weigh in.

There were two uncomfortable times in the show last night, first there was Dan the young 21 year old with long blond hair strumming on a guitar and singing. First of all I only think of Dan as the guy that is losing weight, not as a young Bob Dylan. Anyway the trip to Las Vegas was great and was fun to watch, except first, I can’t believe Dan and Roger going out until 6 o’clock in the morning. Wow, the ranch must really be weighing on them to stay our soooo late. The trip looked like fun though. Second, I still can not believe that the guys all got tattoos. And third I was shocked that Dan did not work out at all but still lost the most out of anyone on his team.

Meanwhile Back at the Ranch

As the blue team partied in Vegas the black team was working out hard with Jillian. I really still think that it is unfair that the heaviest people went to the blue team and the lightest went to the black team. The blue team seems to relatively coast along while the black team get their regular beatings from Jillian to try to keep up with the weight loss. I have to think that the producers really want Bob to win big this season there does not seem to be any other reason to keep the one team so stacked.

After the team got back from Las Vegas and everyone was working out again the challenge was an obstacle course that was again won by the blue team and it involved lots of heavy lifting (that favored the blue team), but also some crawling around (which may have favored the black team).

Biggest Loser Weigh in

After going to Las Vegas and then coming back to win the challenge the blue team of Roger, Dan, Mark, and Jay were really cocky thinking that they were unbeatable so it was nice to see them get knocked down a notch at the weigh in by the harder working black team. The final in numbers were 30 pounds lost by the black team and only 23 pounds lost be the much bigger blue team with Dan losing the most and exempt from being kicked off for the blue team.

So the scene was set that Roger would be kicked off since brothers Mark and jay were not going to vote each other off and Dan was exempt.

This led to the second very uncomfortable part of the Biggest Loser show last night.

Mark has lost a lot of for sure. Also Mark has a busted leg, actually a stress fracture that is slowing down his workouts and finally last night he hit a wall and only lost 1 pound. A very tough time for him that is for sure. Roger tried to fight the elimination saying that since Mark is the weakest and least able to lose that he should go home but no one was buying it.

Finally Mark and Jay were in their room and Mark bursts into tears and says that he has to let Roger stay and that he feels bad for leaving his brother and I am not sure that I saw him or his brother stop crying until after Mark finally left the show. Roger is still there and I am a bit shell shocked by all the emotion.

This season has had a few surprises in who has been kicked out and last night was the most shocking of all. I always looked at Mark as a real “player” that would go behind peoples backs to win and last night he did the right thing. I think that the show is still stacked in favor of the blue team especially with skinny Mark gone but it looks like maybe next week the teams will be split up and it will be one on one for the rest of the season.

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