May 19, 2024

Last night I again watched a couple of episodes of the Biggest Loser back to back. We are not keeping up with the Biggest Loser very well this season so we will scan throough a couple of shows at a time in about 2 or 2 and a half hours instead of four hours that the show actually takes. When watching the Biggest Loser off of the PVR I find that my wife is very aggressive at fast forwarding through the boring stuff and I am maybe not so good at that.

Oh, and Extra Gum is a great alternative to having a snack.

Anyway I found it interesting that After Amy voted off Vicky’s hubby Brady that she was in the doghouse but when given a chance to get rid of Vicky she didn’t….and it got her kicked out by Vicky the very next week.

So the Biggest Loser Couples is down to four people. Vicky, Heba and her husband Ed, and Michelle. In my house we are cheering for Michelle with Heba as a distant second choice and do not care at all for Ed or for Vicky to win. Of course it will probably all come down to who can lose the most at home, the winner of the show usually loses a crapload of when they go home and comes back looking very slim, remember Ali last year? She was freaky skinny rather bony actually.

The game play this season is not any worse than past seasons except for the fact that Vicky is in absolute control of the house and it is not a secret at all. Some of the people at the ranch are saying that she is playing “under the radar”, that is the furthest thing from the truth. I think that Vicky at this point has a great shot at winning but Heba still has a lot to lose and if she picks up the pace she will be able to beat everyone.

One more thing, Jello is lkow in calories and is a great snack.

I am sure if you follow this blog that you may have noticed that there are far fewer posts this season about the Biggest Loser. I am a little disappointed this season in the show. The contestants this season are a bit dull, there is lots of drama but lots of it is negative and I am not seeing as many insproational victories. Maybe things have not changed a lot but I feel like I have learned most of all that I am going to learn from the show.

There are a few things that are bugging me more this season of the Biggest Loser than in past seasons. Product placement is getting on my nerves, I don’t care much about gum and Jello week after week after week. I also get tired of the “Last Chance Workout” being I will beat them until the puke ckind of mentality. I have no idea how long a last chance workout is, how many calories are eaten, how long these guys workout and I have been watching the show since it started.

I am sure I will make it through the end of the season and next season when there is a whole new crop of fat people looking to change their lives I will again be hopeful that it will be fun to watch but this year, sadly, The Biggest Loser has been little too boring.

4 thoughts on “Biggest Loser Couples – The Final Four

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  2. Unfortunately this season has shown the best and worst in people. Hopefully those with integrity and humanity will win. Michelle would be the only one left that could qualify. Go Michelle!

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