April 25, 2024

The second half of this weeks Biggest Loser Couples was on a couple of days ago. I haven’t written much about the Biggest Loser this season but tonight really was an interesting episode.

In the first half that took place the night before, the teams had a challenge where they had to lie in mud and then stand up and touch a Biggest Loser tag hanging above their head. Oh, and they had to do this 100 times as fast as they could. In the end this was just a way to pick teams so that we would have our final blue vs black teams.

Just as in past seasons Bob Harpers team is the blue team and Jillian Michaels team is the black team.  Jillian was shocked at the changes to the team and called it that Bob was going to be heartbroken, the teams are not completely different then they were for the trainers and everyone has trouble adjusting.

The second half of this weeks episode had a challenge that pitted the two teams against each other in a stationary bike contest where the team that got the most mileage in 24 hours would get a three pound bonus for the final in.

Well in the final in Jillians team won and Bobs blue team had to kick someone out.

The final vote really seemed to come down to Ron (young Mikes dad) and Dane, who has now lost 100 pounds in 8 weeks. The team really seemed scared of Dane and came up with flimsy excuses for why he should be kicked out while as we have all seen Ron is not able to work out with bad knees and is not a threat to anyone.

The kicked out Dane, too bad I think but the teams will always knock out the person that they still need most. We will see how this affects Bobs team for next week.

4 thoughts on “Dane or Ron – Biggest Loser Couples

  1. actually i realize the show does give a lot of motivation to a lot of people..so i shouldn’t put it down…hopefully it doesnt change too much into just the usual reality show.

  2. i just don’t know about TBL anymore. It was soo good to watch at the start and now its just turning into a flop i reckon. What part of this show is making you keep coming back?? because it’s definitely not the hosts.!!

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