April 24, 2024

Biggest Loser Couples starts next week on NBC just a couple of weeks after the fourth season of hte Biggest Loser ended. I was up early this morning and finally got a chance to look at some ofthe articles and pages from the Biggest Loser site to see what this will be all about.

Biggest Loser Couple format

First of all it looks like the show will be a bit shorter then a regular season of the Biggest Loser, there are only 10 teams instead of what we would expect 18 or so. I have not looked at any kind of scheduling except for the first episode being right on New Years day for two hours. There will be no show competition I would expect that day and everyone with a loss New Years resolution would be a prime candidate to watch the two hour premiere.

In looking at the website it looks as though we are back to Jillian Michaels and Bob harper as trainers with Allison Sweeney as the host. Now I like Kim Lyons better but it looks like she is gone. Wonder if she will be back next season?

The contestants on the show are a wide range of older couple, married couple, best friends, divorced couple, a couple of ex football teammates and not only a father daughter team but also a mother son team. Again it looks like we are going have a very diverse group of people on the show

Biggest Loser teams working together

The commercials for Biggest Loser Couples that they have been showing for the show seem to focus on the stress between the Biggest Loser couples and how they fight with each other. I am sure that this is good for drama but I have another angle that I am sure that they will focus on.

Any time that people work out together and have aligned goals they will do much better. Look at Bill and Jim on the fourth season of the Biggest Loser. We have all seen how Bill and Jim worked out together at home and with their motivation to each win their part of the Biggest Loser.

We have all been able to learn a lot from the Biggest Loser trainers as well as the Biggest Loser contestents and this season should bring out a whole new level of information as we see the Biggest Loser Couples push each other, coax each other, scream at each other and align with each other for better loss then they could ever do just by themselves.

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  1. It’s much easier to lose when you’re teamed up with someone. Even though we don’t work out together (we have a baby that needs to be watched), my husband and I are always “reminding” each other of healthy eating and the importance of working out.

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