April 25, 2024

I am looking forward to the Biggest Loser Couple finale tonight. There are lots of questions to be answered and the evening should have a lot of great reflections on the changes that everyone on the show has made. I know that it was only a few weeks ago that we got to see the second big weigh-in when both Mark and Ali were welcomed back to the ranch as the Biggest Loser voted off…or whatever we are supposed to call it, but there is a lot of time between that -in and tonights live weigh-in.

I don’t know who will be the one being voted back on to the finale tonight but according to our on blog poll it looks like Roger would be voted off by the fans on the NBC website.  I have some questions that I am looking forward to seeing answered tonight during the finale.

Biggest Loser Roger – Roger on Biggest Loser Couples has steadily lost and had a lot of to drop. It will be interesting to see how he does at home. He may lose and amazing amount in the end and we all know how competitive he is.

Biggest Loser Mark – Mark looked like he had finished losing weight. He was lighter then Bob Harper last week. I am not expecting that he can lose much more but i remember how much Matt lost in time for the second season finale so you never know.

Biggest Loser Ali – Last week Ali had her so low that she had protruding collar bones. I think that she has no more to lose and she looked fine but in the name of competition you always get worried that someone is going to lose too much and looked really gaunt. I hope that Ali was able to see how well she had done and just allowed herself to plateau.

Biggest Loser Kelly – Kelly has lost a lot of and is still working hard. I think Kelly may be able to lose more and get in better shape still. Kelly has been fun to watch because to me she seemed to always be struggling and was always on the chopping block but she is still in the game week after week.

Everyone Else – One of the real best parts of the finale to the Biggest Loser to me is seeing how everyone did that was kicked off earlier. Last season we had the two brothers win with the guy at home actually doing better then his brother at the ranch. Who know this year what has happened . Did Britney finally hit her stride? Did Paul lay off the chicken wings and make big losses? Did Jay continue losing ? We will know all this and more about these guys soon.

So who is going to win? I am looking forward to tonight but of course it is impossible to guess what will happen. I am guessing that the show last week was taped a few weeks back so as to give the final four a few weeks at home to workout and eat with their families and tonight we will see the live ending to this race for them.

I will try to blog after the finale tonight but will probably not get to it until tomorrow morning.

2 thoughts on “Biggest Loser Couples Finale tonight

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  2. you cracked me up with the comment about mark being lighter than Bob—that is so true! I also love seeing how the other contestants have done. I would also love to see a BL reunion where they bring back older cast members who have kept (or maybe haven’t?) their off.

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