May 19, 2024

So finally tonight the finale of the Biggest Loser was on. The show of course is 2 hours long again.

So there are three exciting things to watch. First was the third finalist and in the America votes winner out of over 1 million votes was Amanda over Liz. Everyone always seems to want to pick the young blond over the 49 year old but they did bring up the fact that liz at 49 was the oldest finalist in the Biggest Loser history.

Only click the more link if you want all the spoilers of who won Season 8 Biggest Loser tonight.

There was a new couple that met on the show and that was Alexandra and Antoine. Alexandra lost 91 pounds and Antoine lost 152 pounds. Antoine asked her to marry him and she said YES! Good thing when it is live national TV.

Sean who was the youth pastor that got kicked early on and he announced that he and his wife had a new baby just a month ago. Sean lost 155 pounds.

Julio lost 180 pounds going from 407 to 227 pounds. Coach Mo was a real crowd favorite lost 92 pounds. Dina lost 79 pounds. Abby was looking really hot after losing 100 pounds, remember Abby was the one that lost her husband and baby in a car accident a couple of years ago so I was really cheering for her.

Tracey who was the crazy girl that started the show with a couple of weeks in the hospital and then pissed everyone off but ended up losing 118 pounds. Shay who was the heaviest person ever went from 476 pounds to 304 pounds and lost 176 pounds. Daniel the second time around Biggest Loser lost 111 pounds.  Liz lost 91 pounds and finally Allen lost 116 pounds.

Rebecca with her freshly dyed blonde hair lost 139 pounds for just one pound under half of her . She was the at home champion and won $100,000 and maybe just as importantly she won Daniel as a boyfriend (that is what my wife says anyway).

Shay was also given a special prize. For every pound that she loses between now and the next season finale in May Subway will give her $1,000. Shay stands to win possible another $100,000.

The Biggest Loser Champion

Amanda is the first up and loses 87 pounds

Rudy is next and loses 234 pounds

and finally Danny lost 239 pounds  and won season 8 of the Biggest Loser.

What did you think? Was the show and season good? Did you like how it worked this season?

The next season looks like it is coming up next month. They showed some of the Biggest Loser Season 9 contestents.  So we will ramp it all up again really soon.

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