May 19, 2024

I am watching a show on TLC right now about Erik Chopin who won season 3 of the Biggest Loser and then gained it back. Eric initially lost just over 200 pounds and then regained almost all of it back

There is a video that you can see about the show over here. But it seems to be good so far.

Erik Chopin explains what happened after winning the Biggest Loser Season 3 and how he gained the back. He is really honest about self esteem, intimacy, not caring about living.

The great thing about this show is looking at all those people that fail in their goals and how to pick yourself up again, dust yourself off, and do it again.

Interestingly my wife and I are having an argument about this. She is saying that she believes that the same thing would happen to her and I am arguing that it would not. We will never be able to find out who is right as my wife would never be heavy enough to qualify for the show

Probably to late for you to watch Eric Chopin now but don’t worry you can catch it later it is on again on Wednesday night.


OK, so in restrospect everytime I look at this post title I feel bad for the wording. This show was really great. You get to see the dark side of reality TV where peoples lives continue after the bright lights and cameras leave.

Also, I think you get a more raw and real feel for Erik, I just want to give him a hug for all the struggles that he is going through and I bet there were some tears on my wifes face (she claims the sniffling was from her new cold).

I really hope TLC follows this up with some kind of miniseries following what Erik Chopin is doing. I am really interested in him and his family. Also this is apparently a show being done for Discovery Health which is another channel that is owned by the same group as TLC…these networks are so confusing sometimes

5 thoughts on “Erik Chopin – Biggest Loser Winner and then Loser

  1. I ‘m so sorry to learn that Erik Chopin gain back ALL the he lost, after all the hard work ;(
    Guess what, my friend Eric Volkers lost 65 pounds by eating raw food a year ago and he did not get tha back 😉

  2. I am SO sick of Erik Chopin!! When I see him on TV or the internet all I see is a self pitied baby. Him & his wife bashed The Biggest Loser when he was on “Confessions Of A Reality Loser” because he felt abandoned by them and that “Biggest Loser just dropped him”. Um…wake up Eric the world does not revolve around you. The Biggest Loser is the best at what they do and they want to help everyone but they cannot be there the every minute to hold your hand! You had your fame & fortune and YOU not Biggest Loser, YOU abandoned yourself for gaining your back! And now you have the audacity to appear on Biggest Loser, even though you bashed them, to give advise? All you did on “Confessions of a Reality Loser” was whine like a little baby because you were nolonger in the spot light. It SO shows that all you want in life is attention and when you do not get it you blame everybody else but yourself. I think you are the worst example of a Biggest Loser contestant and I wish The Biggest Loser would nolonger have you on the show or soil thier website with your picture. So how about you do everyone a favor and get on with your life! Get over the fact you “ONCE” was the Biggest Loser and let other people have there turn!!! LET IT GO Erik….LET IT GO!!!!!

  3. Thanks for posting this. They never want to let you see how most of these people fall off track or gain all their back. It’s a constant life journey to be healthy. You need to be healthy first to lose , not lose to be healthy…

  4. I feel the same way about this show as I do about celebrity fit camp – the contestents lose too much too fast. I lost 35 pounds in about four months then hit a plateau that has lasted too long. (I misbehaved this weekend and put on five pounds but oh well! LOL)

    When people watch these contestents lose so much so fast they start to think that their loss should be the same. Losing it fast doesn’t mean it will stay off unfortunately. Better to go slow and steady. Now I just have to get the scale going in the right direction again.

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