April 25, 2024
Cara Castronouva and Brett Hoebel
Cara Castronouva and Brett Hoebel

I know I am a couple of days late here but I watched the Biggest Loser last night and (hope this is not a spoiler for you) four people actually gained . A little horrified on this side of the TV that’s for sure.

OK So a quick update, I have been watching Biggest Loser this season, not the whole episodes but watching kinda while on the computer and yesterday afternoon I watched this weeks episode. So far this season has been interesting with two new coaches and lots of huge people working hard. One of hte things that I am really noticing this season is all the gameplay. Every season the gameplay seems to take over more of what the people are doing.

There are still two teams, the red team is being coached by Cara Castronouva and Brett Hoebel. The black team is being coached by Jillian Michaels and Bob Harper. So far it feels like even though the team with the newcomer coaches have a advantage (they are bigger) and the Bob and Jillian team still seem to be doing better.

Week 8 of Season 11 of The Biggest Loser

So this weeks weigh in was strange. There was a lot of people worried about their family members and early on Jennifer gained two pounds and was worried as her dad left last week to save her to stay in the game. While the rest of the people were losing just a bit. Jennifer from the red team was definitely scared because the worst loss or gain was getting kicked of and then the worst team would kick one person off.

In this case the second half of the weigh-in caved in. The black team had three people gain , all parents trying to make sure their kids would be able to stay. In the end Marci gained a pound, Jesse gained two pounds, and …. wait for this ….. Deni GAINED 8 POUNDS and although it was a lot over the top she called herself the Biggest Winner for keeping her daughter there for at least another week.

I know I can be confusing but the parents of the Black team tanked everything for their kids. I know that it seemed nice but I am sure the coaches are going to snap them back to reality next week.

My Take on This weeks Biggest Loser Episode

Deni - Biggest Winner?
Deni - Biggest Winner?

So here is how I look at this show. The game play has got ot go on the Biggest Loser. This is irritating this game play and I know that I have railed about it a couple of times over the last couple of seasons but it really does ruin the show.

I get emails and comments on blog posts every week from people hoping that I could help them get on the Biggest Loser (I know no one there sorry) and all these people that are so desperate to get on have to look at these weigh ins and see people tanking a week for others must seem so unfair.

I do not have the answers but with people working out SIX hours a day and eating well you would hop that the show would be more hardcore on the pride of the  loss and the climb into health instead of some crazy game play. I don’t have the answers but I wish I did, this show that I love so much seems to be turning into Survivor and it is not that kind of show with ruthless lying and deceit.

I sure hope that this was a one off episode of the Biggest Loser and that from here on in everyone buckles down to lose weight.

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