April 12, 2024

Well last night was the finale of this seasons version of the Biggest Loser and it was a night of celebration and motivation not a night to watch challenges, gameplay or workouts and not very many tips either. I taped the show as always because two hours is too long for any TV show and they use lots and lots of commercials for filler.

The show was broken into two parts, first all of the kicked off players did a in to see who would win the $100,000 for the also rans and then the last four did their in to see who would be crowned Biggest Loser and wind $250,000.

As they introduced all of the players except the last 4 we were amazed at home at how much everyone seemed to lose. There were many ways that these people could have just given up and then not attended the final show but everyone was there and everyone lost a ton of .

Gerry the IT project manager was the early leader and after he weighed in he pulled off his shirt to reveal a six pack and a lot of muscle. I was amazed as many people may be because at 62 it is hard to lose because of a lower metabolism and a lower testosterone level but Gerry definitly amazed last night.

Eventually though one of the two brothers, Jim, weighed in and had lost OVER 50% of his body. This was enough to win it as most mortals could not get there down that low. Kae who most people would have thought would have a chance was not even close as she would need to be around 110 pounds. The closest was Neil of course and he was not able to do it either I think he was only at 48% body lost, I was very excited for all of these guys.

Biggest Loser Season four Final

After lots of commercials and a preview of the next Biggest Loser there was the introductions of the final four and they all looked great. I was really suprised by how much all of them lost and althoughwe all knew that Bill would look great Julie actually looked like she may be able to best out Bill last night.

In the in Isabeau said that she is a personal trainer now and lost a substantial amount, Hollie, who has recently moved to Los Angeles, looked hot and lost even more, and then Julie stepped up and lost enough I thought to be able to beat Bill but in the end Bill was triumphant and greeted his family.

The two brothers that never got picked the first week won both of the two prizes!

There were a few things that I found interesting and those were the cheering for Neil when he came out (I thought the crowd would boo him). Allison Sweeney was very loud in the first place and I was sure that she was going to grate on me but the audience got quieter a bit as thew show went on. And finally I think I should do this for every episode of the show, I ate an orange and some craisins while watching. I wanted some Christmas baking but it was late at night and I knew the piggy reaction that I would have got from my wife for sneaking cookies after 9 at night.

All in all this has been a really good season. I was excited a lot more than last year and the break in the middle of the season after Neils cheating 17 pound gain incident was not enough to ruin watching these people make great changes. I hope that that that producers of the show are more serious in future seasons, maybe kicking people off that sabotage others but I am not sure they have the balls for it.

The ratings have been terrible for the Biggest Loser this season as it dropped out of the Nielson top 20 but there is another season around the corner with couples competing.

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