March 5, 2024

So tonight we sat down and watched the finale of Biggest Loser Families. My daughter, wife, and I had a great time watching everyone looking great after there big losses.

The show started with the decision that America made between Heba and Ed to see which half of the couple was going to be the third finalist.

After the decision that america made they markched out the people that were kicked of the Biggest Loser Families four at a time until there was no more skinny people left. Every time that they brought out another four people we were more shocked at how fantastic they all looked. After the weigh in decided who was the winner of the $100,000 at home trained prize they moved on to showing us the transformations of the final two that we had not already seen.

Now for the spoilers, click the “Read the rest of this story” link to see who won.

Biggest Loser At Home Weigh in

The first decision was who would be in the final and even though Ed had pleaded for Heba to be able to be in the final it seems America wanted Ed in the final by a 84% to 16% vote. Wow, whay did america do this? I am guessing that more people like Michelle and dislike Heba and Ed, so people wanted to disappoint Ed and Heba. Am I right?

So as they went through all the weigh ins the winner of the stay ay home people ended up being Heba. I can tell you that I was surpised because even though Heba loooked like she lost a lot of everyone did too it was pretty close with at least three people by my count losing over 100 pounds.

Biggest Loser Families Champion

So, now to the top three, Ed, Michelle, and Vicky.

I forgot to mention how slippery the floor was. What ere the producers of the show thinking? There was a few times that the women in their heels almost slipped and fell.

Vicky came out and just about fell….twice… Bob Harper saved her and walked her up to the very pregnant looking Allison Sweeney. I know that I have not liked Vicky much if at all this season but she did lose a lot of which was really great.

Ed weighed in first and was in the lead, he lost 139 pounds. Vicky in second and needed to lose 104 pounds but only lost 102 pounds.

Michelle looked great and lost the most! Needing to get her down to 141 pounds and ended up at 132 pounds. Congratulations and I think everyone was really excited to see Michelle win.

What did we learn on Biggest Loser Families

During some of the reviews of the people before the weigh ins we saw some very interesting stuff. Vicky was working out 4 to 6 hours a day and Michelle was working our four hours a day but sometimes did not have enough in her to go more than 2 hours. Is this really realistic for many people? There is one trouble with the Biggest Loser, no matter how exciting and inspirational it may seem the Biggest Loser Families are condensing a year or two or three into just a few months.

Although there are no shortcuts besides eating well and working out there is nearly no way to lose this kind of in a very short time without incredible hardship and sacrifice and for most people it may seem like too much. I still will always believe that it is in fact possible to lose 100 pounds if you need to over whatever time it takes for you.

New Season of Biggest Loser Couples Coming Soon

So one season of the Biggest Loser Families is over and now starting on January 6th we will get He Biggest Loser Couples again. Just two or three weeks off and another season starts again. I am starting to think that the Biggest Loser is more of a marathon of seasons running into each other than just a short exciting splash of emotion and inspiration.

Well hope you enjoyed seeing the transformations of the Biggest Loser Families. I know that it was a great season.

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  1. Yes I didn’t like Vicky much either. From the very first show she was just so negative and I think this is the first time I have ever heard another contestant call another one a b*tch several times. She got saved and the very next week voted off the person that saved her. I was just glad anyone but her won. I was shocked that 84% voted for Ed. Well she still won 100k that should help pad the baby fund.

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