April 25, 2024

Today on the biggest loser they went from four contestents to three. There was one product plug and it was for Quaker control Oatmeal. The Quaker Oatmeal is the equivilent of two servings of grains, has fiber, seven grams of protein, and only 160 calories per serving.

One of the really great things that they did tonight was to have Matt’s old wrestling coach and his buddy come in for some wrestling to show him how great a shape he is in now.

In the end Andrea was kicked out and this will leave Matt, Seth, and Suzy to go to the final.

They also had the three remaining people; Matt, Seth and Suzy meet with the trainers and talk about how they feel now and see a life size cutout picture of what they looked like the day they came to the ranch, the changes are amazing! All of them shared the same feeling that their loss, a nd change of lifestyle will be with them forever, they feel like new people and are excited about the future.

The exciting end of the second season is next week and they will have a two hour finale that will have highlights from this season so far, all the drama, interviews with the contenstents and their families, all of the contenstents from this season and of course the final weigh in.

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