April 23, 2024

I always lose track of the episodes as the Biggest Loser season goes on. I finally got to watch last night and wow there was lots of drama. Bob kicked Jillians but in the reverse stair climbing contest. Jillian teared up as Bob picked teams and there was another wrigleys gum product placement.

Anyway they really seemed to pack a lot into this latest episode. The 8 teams are now just 2 teams. The Blue team was chosen by Bob Harper after winning a reverse escalator challenge and the black team were the four teams left over for Jillian. It seemed a little unfair the way he teams were picked. Maybe the producers of the show want Bill to win this season but we all know by now how the Biggest Loser picks a winner, based on percentage weight loss. The fatter you start the higher the percentage loss at the end when you are skinny. Bob of course picked the heaviest teams.

I was really surprised at the end of the episode with the losses. The Blue team of Bobs lost what I would expect on this show you know 7-12 pounds per person for the week, what I was really surprised with was the Black team of Jillians losing almost no and in Big Bald Pauls case actually gaining 3 pounds on the week.

Jillian thinks that her team is not eating right and I have trouble believing that almost all the players are undereating because they are all eating together and should know by now how critical getting enough calories is.

The other thing that seems to be crazy is Big Paul and his night workouts. He gets up in the middle of the night to go for a workout. I really like this guy because he is really determined to win and is a bit crazy at the same time. The fun part is that he is really over the top. Watching him in that crazy outfit last week that started to fit him and his Sun Tzu art of war stuff was great.  I am a little worried though that next week we get to see video mail from his ex-wifes new boyfriend, that really is not fair, we all know how Paul really is still in love with Kelly since they have only been seperated for a year.

I am probably not the only one that is disappointed with Bette Sue and her daughter being kicked off last week but I think that there are enough characters on the teams to keep it really fun over the next few weeks.

I am still really excited to watch this season although my wife says there is not going to be enough eye candy on the guys side….time will tell I guess.

Anyway on another note, I think I am going to take a week away from this blog. I will put up another update after next weeks Biggest Loser. Have a great week.  

1 thought on “Biggest Loser Couples – Episode 5?

  1. I was also disappointed when the mom/daughter team got kicked off. I hope they come back for the finale having lost their excess .

    and this is a snarky comment, but I think Jillian was crying because Bob kicked her behind in the challenge!! 🙂

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