April 23, 2024

The second episode for the Biggest Loser this season was a two hour episode just like the first episode was. We get a bit of a recap and then watched as the two main teams worked out and the Black Team headed by Jillian Michaels had their first in. These guys are all working out really hard and in fine Biggest Loser form we are getting to see punishment.

One of the great things about the Biggest Loser is the little short tips that you run into during the show. One of the guys was eating next to nothing and got beat up for it. If you do not eat your body goes into a starvation mode and you will not be able to raise your metabolism to lose weight. Kim Lyons also brought up the idea of eating ground turkey instead of ground beef. Turkey is high in protein and very low in fat so it is a great alternative whether ground up or just cooked instead of steak or chicken.

I want to skip the other stuff for now from the show because I think the real highlight in the two hours was the read and blue teams finally seeing the cast-offs, the black team coached by Jillian Michaels.

“strong like a tidal wave” I have no idea who used this line as it came so fast but one of Jillian Michaels people used this term to discribe one of his team mates. This was the day that the red and blue teams got to meet the black team. As happened last season the read and blue teams did not feel that the black team deserved to be there but just because they did not see them does not mean that the black team was not working hard. The problem last season was that all of the bonding that went on meant the the people working out from home were looked at as infiltrators and were never really accepted…we will see how this season goes as there are now three pretty evenly matched teams.

So here is how the show setup the new team joining in. The black team showed up and stood on the stage area where the teams do the in. The set themselves to look angry and intimidating and then the blue and read teams came in , commercial break (of course) and then the teams saw the black team and were shocked and a little mad that these people were back.

Bob Harper and Kim Lyons I thought would be in on the turn of events but they seemed really surprised as well. Kim Lyons of course has had to work hard to try to overcome the love that so many people have for Jillian and she introduced herself to her (I find it strange that they would have never met), Bob Harper said “I was just getting used to Kim and now Jillians back” and shook his head, and Jillain said the now Ken and Barbie are going to have to deal with her team. That may have been the best line of the night.

At this in nearly everyone did poorly. Last week people lost a lot of water and now this week becomes difficult. This happens every season but it is hard to see people that lost 20 pounds last week only lose 2 or 5 pounds this week. Bobs Harpers team was first and lost some , Kim Lyons team all did not very well overall and they were in second place. So it all came down to Jillian’s Black team to see if they would have to kick someone out or if Kim Lyons team would have to kick one of their teammates out instead. After four weigh-ins Jillian Michaels team was not doing well but the last two members of her team, the twins Bill and Jim from New York lost a combined total of 32 pounds. Jillian’s team wins!

So this setup the kick out of one member of the Read team. Obviously to me Amy should be kicked out for walking out of the Last Chance Workout but instead the guys ganged up on Lezlye and she left instead. Bad move I thought but in the end they showed that Lezlye has lost 55 pounds since she started on the Biggest Loser, Good for her!

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