February 28, 2024

I have been a bit slow but finally am now getting around to blogging the first episode of the Biggest Loser. I watched this two hour premiere with my wife and 6 year old daughter and it is funny how we each saw things differently. When they went through all of the people’s attitudes at the beginning I was bored but my wife was crying from all of the stories, my daughter just wanted to know who we were going to cheer for.

First of all both my wife and I noticed Kim Lyons chest, are those for real or an enhancement for her fitness competitions? This also leads to a question of Kim Lyons past…Did she ever have a problem? We know from last season that Jillian Michaels was over when she was young and it is something that really drives her to help other people.

Bob Harper as always is a real character and has a really funny haircut, some kind of Mohawk hairstyle from the early eighties. Bob is great to watch because he is such a good motivator and is really excited for everyone.

Kim Lyons – Red Team
Heather, Jennifer, Kai, Ken, Nelson, Pam, and Wylie. Of all of the people on the Red team we certainly liked Ken and Jennifer best

Bob Harper – Blue Team

Amy, Bobby, Brian, Erik, Marty, Melinda, and Tiffany. No one on this team really stood out for us but Bobby, who missed his kids came across as a bit of a whiner.

The challenge this week was for all of the people split into teams to go over progressively larger barriers as a team and the team that won would get to choose a player from each team to swap for the weigh in, this could make a real difference if one team had a big losing member and one team had a small losing member. Everyone seemed to struggle somewhat in this challenge but there were definitely some people that were barely able to make it over the last 6 foot high or so barrier. On this show it seems that everyone near the end is in amazing shape and that is one of the really great things to watch as the season of Biggest Loser goes on. The red team won the contest and the blue team was fading fast by the end.

After the contest Bob Harper had his blue team have a hard workout to forget about the failure in the challenge but as a victory celebration Kim gave here Red team the night off working out and this may have cost them in the end.

In the final weigh in the Blue team won be just a couple of pounds but we have to wonder what would have happened if Kim would have put her team through a celebratory workout that night after the challenge. Would it have been enough? We will never know.

This episode was a great one in that we got to see just how hard the teams workout and how they kind of starve themselves. After the first day they were really hungry but only ate 1500-2000 calories after having what seems to be punishing workouts.

There were lots of people throwing up and no one was allowed to take a break.. The only person we saw take a break was the ex-model Jennifer from Minnesota and she paid the price by being kicked out in the end of the episode but in the post show recap she lost lots of after she left the show which is a nice story to hear.

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