April 24, 2024

Women often avoid upper body and arm exercise for women because of a fear that lifting weights will make them look like some huge bodybuilder. Really there is nothing to worry about. Any guy will tell you that growing huge muscles is not that quick or easy!

In fact, exercising the arms is a great way to firm up. Toned arms and shoulders will simply make you look fit. If shoulder and upper arm size increases a little that is a good thing, especially for larger hipped women, as you will look more balanced.

Arm Exercise For Women

Arm exercise pretty much always involves lifting weights. However, you do not have to go to a gym. There are two types of s: barbells (the long bar with a on each end that you see lifters raising over their heads on TV) and dumbbells (the mini version that you pick up with one hand). You only need dumbbells for these arm exercises and you can find a cheap set at a garage sale or local store. You can even buy pink ones if you want!

So here are 3 simple exercises that you can do using dumbbells. You should do them all so that the whole area is strengthened. Focusing on one muscle group alone can cause injuries in the others.

All of the exercises should be performed slowly. This is very important! Your muscles will work harder with 3 slow repetitions of an exercise than 6 fast ones.

To avoid muscle strain, start out with the lowest . If you don’t feel any effects of your workout later or the next day, you can move to the next .

Bicep Curl

This arm exercise for women tones the front of the upper arms. Holdweights with arms straight down, palms inward (facing thighs). Rotate arms so that palms face forward while slowing raising the forearms, bending the elbows until your hand with the is up near your shoulder. Slowly release back down. You can do arms separately or both together. (25 reps)

Tricep Press

This exercise tones the back of the upper arms, the part that is flabby in many people. Stand holding the weights, feet shoulder width apart. Take a big step forward with one foot. Lean forward a little, and slowly raise the weights behind you. Palms face the ceiling. Raise as far as you can and slowly lower back down. (20 reps, changing legs at half way)

Deltoid Press

This exercise tones the muscles that run along the top of the shoulders, which are important for arm strength and bicep development as well as many activities of daily life. Holdweights a little higher than shoulders, palms facing forward. Simply raise the weights up overhead and lower back down, slowly. (25 reps)

For a stronger workout, after a few days you can increase so that you do 2 and then 3 series of these exercises, resting between. If you do this 3 times a week you should soon see your arms and shoulders toning up.

Always consult with a doctor before starting any arm exercise or other fitness program.

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